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This is my time trying to write a blog and I decided to write about my plays in Project Zomboid (mostly). I'm going to write in a "diary" or "story" - type text. Here's my first and it's not going to be long.

The diary of Fester Harper
My name is Feaster Harper and I'm or was an Security Guard. Since you are reading my diary I'm probably dead or trying to eat you.

February, 23rd
I was doing my need in the toilet when I heard a scream outside my house. No one was there when I left the house. It was raining. I shut the outer door behind but soon noticed that the door locked and I had left my keyes inside. Great.
I turned to the left to try to see if I've left any of my windows open. Once I turned I saw a man in horrible shape. He shambled slowly towards me and I wondered if he was extremely ill or just really drunk. I walked towards him. He smelled awful, I tell you. Then, suddenly he tried to lunge me and claw my face! I easily dodged and ran to the opposite direction, furiously trying my door but it was obviosly locked. I was now soaked from the rain and some crazy, smelly guy is trying to kill me. I ran to the other side of my house and luckily the door there was unlocked and I dashed indoors. I looked carefully out of a window to make sure that he didn't follow me. He didn't, or atleast I think it wasn't him, they all look the freakin' same!
Holy shit there's a freaking million of them outside my door trying to bash it to bits. I heard someone shoot with a shotgun around 5pm. I hope he's helping me. The shotgun guy is going rambo! (or atleast so it seems), he's firing like every 5 seconds. They broke down one of the 3 entrances. Before I made a dash for safety I took some shotgun shells from my drawer and a few fruits. I evading like 3 of them. I made my way to the house east of mine. I hope I'll find something here to defend myself with. Great. I looked through the house and found a fireaxe, that'll come handy. I'm trying to get some sleep. Mith be difficult, and I also might have gotten sick from running in the rain.

February, 24th
I woke up at 3am and I'm feeling terrible. My nose is running like hell and I think I've got the cold, and I keep sneezing every now and then. Hopefully those things wont hear me. It's still raining. I guess I'll just stay inside the house and lay low for now. The cold has been getting worse over the last two hours. Hope it stops raining soon and gets warmer so that I can go look 'round town a bit. I closed all the curtains in the lower floor and made makeshift one's out of blankets that I found upstairs, just in case that they can see me and know that I'm here.
I can't believe it! In my boredom I decided to double check every drawer in the house just in case that I had left something improtant and now I am holding a beautiful hunting shotgun in my hands! I've shot a shotgun a few times but not that often, glad I took those shells from my own house. I took a peek outside to check if there was anything moving outside. I saw a black man just wandering around like he had nowhere to go. He didn't look like the things. Let's just call them Zombies. (Great, now I also included a cliché in my diary.)
It stopped raining around 2pm and I decided to exit the house to take look around. Hopefully I don't sneeze or cough at critical moment. I "looted" the house to the north and found some more shotgun shells and a little more food. I ran into the black man, he didn't seem to either notice me or didn't care. I did couch right when he entered the room, so my I guess he knew of my presence. Jeez, it's just 4:20pm and I'm already tired. Must be the cold that's taking all of my strength.

February, 25th
Woke up at 4am, not feeling too good. I'll write again when something worth noting happens.
Holy shit! I was just about to go to the upper bathroom when the black man ran straight at me FROM the bathroom. WTF!? How didn't I hear him enter the house, or use the doors, or climb the stairs? Anyway. I think he left. I don't know if he took anything but God I got scared!
He didn't leave, I found him in the kitchen, but now atleast he told me his name: George Drake. I guess he's staying with me for awhile and I think it's great to have some social company. But he left after a lousy 2 hours. He propably just wanted to rob me clean but he didn't have a weapon. Lucky me that I found the shotgun before him, else I would probably be splattered all over the walls.
I'm going to the next house up north. Hope I don't run into any zombies.
*All written text ends here*

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