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Spec Ops Warfare

Mod review

Great content but unfortunately never reached a stable release.

For the baseline evaluation I have 4 different PCS I have collected over the years with XP and Win7, Nivida and ATi graphics cards so I have multiple platforms to test.

On my private BF2 AIX mod which contains content from multiple mods/games/sources I have run on all 4 pcs simultaneously in Co-Op LAN over 6 hours consecutively with no crashes.

I cannot run SoW on a single pc for over an hour without experiencing a ctd.

Please don't be offended Prof. This is a well crafted mod, but I can't give it a high score if it's not stable.

That said this mod is definitely worth a look for it's content, especially the animation work of Dev Enemy Sniper.


Battlefield 4

Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Someone some time ago got into my account and posted something here and elsewhere that was not me. I had nabbed the other post but not this one, which I just stumbled upon.

For the record I have multiple days logged into this game on PS4, as my account BFSP_MCR can attest.

This is a great MP game, the SP is interesting and better than BF3's SP, but the SP isn't amazing.

The engine is gorgeous, the controls excellent, and the gameplay furiously fun.

I give it an 8 because it lacks MP bot support and modability.


Allied Intent Xtended

Mod review - 2 agree

After careful consideration I'm going to have to edit my rating, and this time actually write a review.

Beautiful mod, everything I ever wanted in a BF2 mod. Bot support, varied content, stability. I suppose it helped that it was created from members of Battlefield's singleplayer/co-op bot loving portion of the mod community, and that I was fortunate to be on the beta test team giving me opportunity to help shape the mod by providing feedback/requests.

Biggest flaw is the extra feature of BFSPCC and it's offline ranking feature. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Unfortunately it can cause CTD which causes AIX to miss a perfect 10 score with me. Other slight issue is how AIX's custom AI for bots can sometimes get caught in a logic loop and start spinning ingame. Fixed this in my personal build, but this inherent AI bug is another thing which drops the score.

Aside from those issues this mod provides in spades for any AI fan of BF2. Loads of great custom content for vehicle and weapon fans alike. If launched outside of BFSPCC (load AIX 2.0 within BF2's ingame menus) then AIX 2.0 runs perfectly with no crashes.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to wage war against bots, either solo or with friends, in classic BF2. :)

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