"Fear. Fear Attracts The Fearful… The Strong… The Weak… The Innocent… The Corrupt. Fear. Fear Is My Ally."

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Name: Sora Olin
Nick-Name: Gambler Of Fate
Specie: Human
Home World: Tatioone
Language(s): Galactic Basic, Ubese, Sith, Mando'a & Xaczik
Era(s): Rise Of The Empire, Galactic Civil War, New Republic, New Jedi Order, And Yuuzhan Vong War
Faction(s): Neterual / Exiled
Allie(s): Jedi Order(Exiled), Hand Of Judgement, Smuggler Alliance, Galactic Republic, Rebel Alliance, New Republic, Mandalorians
Enemie(s): Sith Lords, CIS, Galactic Empire, Imperial Remnant, Black Sun Pirates, Hutt Cartel, Yuuzhan Vong
Rival(s): Thrawn(Mitth'raw'nuruodo), Darth Vader(Anakin Skywalker), Emperor Palpatine(Darth Sidious), Jabba The Hutt And Spirit Of Exar Kun
Occupation: Holocron Scavenging, Infiltrating Imperial Sights, And Playing Pazaak
Equipment: Lightsaber (Kenobi's Legacy), Jedi Knight Robe & Tunic, Medpack(s), Modified DL-44 Pistol, Grappling Hook Gauntlet, Rebreather, Datapad And A Comlink
Personal Vehicle(s): Modified Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor (Ace Of Spades), & A BARC speeder
Attributes: Former Jedi Watchmen, Veteran Of Clone Wars, Survivor Of Order 66, Skilled In Acrobatics, Capable Of Spawning Self As A Force Ghost, Mastery Of Saber Forms II - VII, Proficient In Gambling, Significant Skill In Medical Arts And Vast Knowledge Of Old Jedi/Sith Techniques From Holocrons
Current Location: Unknown


Volume I - The Path Of A Jedi
Born 20 BBY On Tatioone - Mos Espa, Sora Was Abandoned At A Young Age And Was Founded By Watto, Who Took Him In But Forced Him Into Labor In Return. Several Years Later, 2 Jedi Knights Come Across Watto's Shop And Come Across Sora. In Exchange For Sora's Freedom, The Jedi Knights Pay Watto To Lift His Slavery On Him And Take Him To Coruscant's Jedi Temple. After Arriving Their, Sora Apprenticed To Plo Koon, Who Helped His Student Learn The Force Ability "Force Judgement". Though They Have Been Partners For Many Battles, Soon Plo Koon Proudly Knighted Sora. After Being Knighted, Sora Went On And Trained With Many Masters, Learning Many Saber Forms From Jedi Masters, Cin Drallig, Sora Bulq, Mace Windu And Plo Koon. After Perfecting His Saber Stances, Sora Then Studied Force Techniques With Quinlan Vos, Obi-wan Kenobi(Before Episode II), Bariss Offee And Even Jedi Grand Master, Yoda. Sora Was One Of The Jedi At The Battle Of Geonosis And Confronted Count Dooku In The Midst, But Was Easily Defeated. After His Breif Battle With Dooku, Sora Constantly Trained In Saber Arts, To Not Make The Same Mistake He Did Before Dooku, To Eliminate Any Flaws In His Stance, To Survive.

Volume II - Friendly Foes

After The Battle Of Coruscant, Sora Was Promoted To High General For His Medical Training And Was Assigned The 105th Legion, Lead By Commander Skiv. Sora's Determination And Good Attitude Not Only Effected His Troopers, But Their Morale Aswell, Giving Them Hope Of Victory Even If The Odds Were Slim. Together They Defeated The CIS Forces On Many Planets, Including Dagobah, Tatioone, Bestine And Carida. But Soon After Liberating Carida, Emperor Palpatine Issued Order 66, Forcing 105th Legion To Attack Their Own General. Sora Managed To Sense The Danger Deflect Several Shots At His Men, Killing Skiv and 6 Other Troopers By Luck, But Was Overwhelmed By The Approaching AT-PTs/AT-TEs And Was Forced To Flee, Getting Shot In The Back Several Times. Managing To Make It Back To His Ship, The Ace Of Spades, Sora Travels To Tatioone And Goes Into Self Exile, To Recover From The Wounds His Former-Troopers Have Gave Him. While On Tatioone, Sora Starts To Practice On His Own Saber Stance, Combining His Knowledge Of Form I - VII. After Several Attempts At Perfection, He Succeeds In His Project, Creating Form VIII, Zin'sai, Way Of The Force, Also Known As "The Purity Form", Which Focuses On Combining Force Techniques With Your Saber Attacks, Altering Both The Speed And Strength Of The Saber, Making Ameriages Of Yourself As You Attack, Which Is Similar To Using Force Speed And Dark Rage. Though The Power Of The Form Is Greater Then The Others, The Price Is Feeding Your Force Energy Into Your Saber, Making The Form Highly Dangerous To Use.

Volume III - A Shard Of Hope
(Coming Soon)

Volume IV - Descent Into Darkness
(Coming Soon)

Volume V - Redemption
(Coming Soon)

Volume VI - Fate Of The Galaxy
(Coming Soon)

Volume VII - Thrawn Strikes Back
(Coming Soon)

Volume VIII - Return Of The Sith

(Coming Soon)

Volume IX - The Quiet But Fierce War

(Coming Soon)

Volume X - Final Gamble
(Coming Soon)

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