I live in Great Britain, yes, that little dot near the middle of the map. In a little god forsaken town called Tain, wich has no hot ladies. I'm also a Polack, if you don't know what that word means, then you won't, becouse that is not a word. Also, DON'T DISAGREE WITH MY LOGIC! I'm a Male, so call me, ladies. But only the preety ones, if you are fat and ugly, and think you are preety, then you are not. REMEMBER DON'T DISAGREE WITH MY LOGIC! Even though i am an imigrant in this island called a 'Country', I speak perfect English and have a Scottish/English accent. And i can speak Polish, if you haven't guessed already. Also, im handsome, very handsome, actually im so handsome that i even don't have a girlfriend, becouse they are just too shy to ask me out. Here's some of my accounts, please add me. (ladies) PSN: MaksimilianPL YouTube: Maksymilian121

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