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New Twitch account and Discord

madwolf8804 Blog

So yeah, there were some issues on Twitch and some peoples thought it'd be best to change my name/URL to be easier to find... So my new Twitch link is below...

Also, ArktikVixen and I have a Discord server where I show some art I do, sometimes Arktik shows her creative stuff, but I have been doing SOME things for mods and uploading screenshots and stuff there. You can join if you'd like. :)


madwolf8804 Blog

I hardly come here anymore, BUT I've come to talk about my Twitch streams. SO yeah, it's a thing... I mostly have been doing art streams lately but I do some gaming every now and again. Here's a video talking about my St. Patties' Stream plans...

If you wanna check it out, here's a link...
And here's a link to my wife's channel...

Return to Modding

madwolf8804 Blog

So this is something I've been considering for a while... On one hand, I feel I'm DAMN good at making mods whereas the other hand I feel the Wolf3D modding community kinda took a dump on me, this is from numerous complaints over the years including concrete textures looking "too boring" (I'm dead serious and no, I won't let that go), stolen sprites (coming from someone modding a retail game without asking the company or original developers if he can edit THEIR game, and using MY levels despite insulting my mapping skill as "amateurish") and being told I shouldn't STOP modding despite demands and complaints coming in flow from when I released Krucible (the first time). I feel like I'm in between a rock and a hard place!!!

Recently, I decided to play around in ChaosEdit and make a mod based on Vargskelethor Joel of Vinesauce and his adventures in gaming. I intend to make the mod only levels long b ut detailed with new enemies and stuff. That's all the details I feel like disclosing at the time...

Now... I can't guarantee lengthy fullblown mods like Krucible or Tara Carmichael BUT if I did do them, they'd be released exclusively to Patreon backers. I can not justify the hours-weeks-months of work handed out for free when people just shit on it. That said, more basic and not so mature rated mods will be released for free on ModDB... No more freebies like Krucible and Tara Carmichael...

Still creative (with links)

madwolf8804 Blog

One of my last blogs told how sick I was of everything: art, videos, modding, everything creative. The reason why being very few people seem to care of my art, videos, whatever. Which is kinda ironic as a lot of my ideas for my mods came from my artwork and the games and movies I enjoyed as a kid... Anyways...

I'm still drawing, painting when I can find the time (and if PhotoShop wouldn't be so damn laggy), modding and game design I DON'T do for the public anymore... I may work on something on occasion but I feel I got way better things to do than stay focused on it (Besides, why make games for yourself when you know where everything is after grueling testing and how the characters and story unfolds?), and Arktik and I are still doing videos. Below are links to some other sites where I've released stuff...

Personal Website


I'm done

madwolf8804 Blog

Posted this at Tumblr, DieHard Wolfers, and Facebook already, but for those that don't know: Yeah, I'm done with everything. Yes, I already announced throwing in the towel on modding due to too much stupidity and annoyance but I'm also talking about my Patreon, videos, even my artwork. Why? Simple: No one supporting me on Patreon. Reality is making my life and my schedules ragged and I refuse to continue making free entertainment as I get nothing outta it short of loss of sleep, annoyance, and anger.

So yeah, no new mods, art, videos, anything. I'm done.

Patreon and future of Wolf3D mods

madwolf8804 Blog

Soooooooooooo these last couple of days I've been thinking, mostly on the last couple of weeks and my last couple of mods, the attitude and demand I received of fix this, change this, don't have a life. No, not cool with that, but also not cool how little attention my Patreon's been getting.

No this is not a marketing ploy or anything like that, merely an option to financially show support IF you wanna continue seeing public Mad Wolf mods of Wolfenstein 3D. This is due to me (Mad Wolf) realizing I'm not getting a whole lot outta making these games and mods yet I feel players and modders get a LOT; story, characters, concepts, new ideas, etc. Backers of my Patreon account ($2 US or more) get to see some vids and artwork stuff as it is, but if people like this idea I can bring out some new rewards like early access and inside looks, maybe even short documentaries or something...

I'm thinking of creating a new goal: $20 US keeps Mad Wolf in Wolfenstein. It'd ensure public releases open to everyone while showing me support for all my hard work as well as encourage me to take modding a bit more seriously rather than seeing it as time wasting hobby... Anyways, that's my idea, lemme know what you think and feel free to check out my Patreon page. :)

Quake III and Morrowind work

madwolf8804 Blog

After some consideration, I've decided to upload the majority of my Quake III levels (The ones I feel don't suck) as well as both of the Morrowind Treasure Hunt quests I released on PlanetElderScrolls. Furthermore, whatever other addons I create for Morrowind and Quake III Arena will be released here.

Hope you enjoy. :)

Wolf3d mod for the PSP

madwolf8804 Blog

I while ago I discovered a way to get Wolfenstein 3D onto a PSP that's using custom firmware. I found a port which uses the same VGA, audio, and gamemap files as the PC version. The port is merely the Wolf3d and Spear Of Destiny engines compiled into a PSP eboot, so you'd need the original Wolf3d or Spear Of Destiny files to play on PSP.

But if you're copying the VGA, audio, and gamemap files, can't mods work too? Yes, however many Wolf3d mods use modified engines so the gameplay won't be dead on as playing the mods on the PC. Unfortunatley, the more awesome mods like Spear Resurrection, MedEvil, Femstein, none of them will work... However I've been toying around and am currently taking a break from Insanitarium to create a mod that uses the original Wolf3d engine and IS entirely playable on Playstation Portables! It is called BioWeapon, and is inspired mostly from Resident Evil and Quake II.

Working on BioWeapon gets kinda boring though, the overall feel is just like classic Wolf3d just with new graphics, levels, music and sound. But still, the idea itself is awesome: The 1st ever Wolf3d mod specifically designed to be played on the go!

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