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Wanted! Plus

maximustreachery Blog 2 comments

Fang will be too huge. So I should start with something with moderate size.

I want to make a special version of Wanted.

New weapons, new enemy types, beta content, better bot coding for multiplayer, new maps, new character models (consistent with the art-style, so no HD crap), bug fixes, improve gameplay, ect. Just a special edition of Wanted.

Would that be cool? I hope it isn't just a dream of mine.

Subscribe to my channel????????

maximustreachery Blog

So I made this cover and I'm kind of hoping it well hit 100 views. My first vid did.

If you like it, you can always subscribe if you want.
Don't worry, it won't all be Japanese stuff. I plan on uploading other stuff.

I don't know where to go from here.

maximustreachery Blog

I really want to make Fang. But, I'm gonna need some help with it.
I have to learn more about mapping and it's very overwhelming.

Also, I'm using Xash3D, specifically Magic Nipple's version.
I want something like a texture filtering option, reflective effects, skyboxes, less map size limits, physics or something.

I also need to make new assets. Not every HL asset have to be replaced, of course.
I'm honestly just lost. I don't know what to do.

I feel like giving up already.

Fang (probably HL TC)

maximustreachery Blog

Hello, Maxi here.

I've been inspired by the likes of Eyaura to get into video game development.

Ever since contributing to G String (some sound, Japanese audio aesthetics and one musical collaboration with Eyaura)

I've been inspired to try and make my own game. I'm definitely not gonna be jumping straight into it. I still have things to learn and I'm still unsure of what Engine to use.

I've been thinking of an up-to-date look (be it UE4 or Unity). But, I've been imagining a look that is similar to DUSK (be it Unity or... ahem Xash3DVS2019???). Honestly, I rather work with a base.

I have the basic premise for the game... though I'm still not comfortable to bring it in public.

Hell, I hope people don't find it stupid.

I wonder... am I the only one who is hearing that sound in the woods?

                     .     ~awooo~
                    / V\
                  / `  /
                 <<   |
                 /    |
               /      |
             /        |
           /    \  \ /
          (      ) | |
(I know I know... too goth)
EDIT: Okay, so it's gonna be a mod. lololol
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