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Hello everyone! Today I want to show you how I where did I start my way in creativity.

The first, it's my the first simple game with curved textures. No sense, no idea, just like that, it’s not clear why I did it. Must be 2014...

Oh no, I thought that I have a copy of this game, but I cleared all online clouds and HDD...

There are not even screenshots left, okay, soon I will try to find at least one screenshot and show you this trash.

The next, I was very funny with a former friend, and we created fully dumb idea about a horse, as if it was Satan (this is just a joke). It's 2015 year.


Okay, after all my strange "projects, I became interested in creating my own maps for the Portal, and found ModDB. There is my the first maps :

2015 08 24 13 34 41

2015 08 24 13 33 19

2015 08 24 13 31 00

Oh, you could see a folder called "Portal Reborned" on top, but later, I called it "Dreams of Science"... oof

All members remembers this trash, okay, it was 24 August 2015.

When I write this blog, I thought that it's will be a good idea to continue "my background", cause other projects are already on ModDB.

2016. Dreams of Science 2.... what ? xd

20170401162311 1

20170403181647 1

I also want to mention the fact that I was in some team, which also developed a modification for HL2. I will not mention this, but the project was difficult for me, so I left the development. I edited and recovered more maps after crashed by pc of main guy. But I think the project ended successfully, I don’t know what is happening with these guys now, I found my way.

What about music? Yes, I started with the simplest thing - using a ready-made library of sounds, and the only thing that helped me was the right tones and sounds, just put sounds on track lines. It seemed to others that I was doing it from scratch, but it’s not, I was a child and just published it. Around 2014-2015.

I have 5 audio files , these are the very first tracks, but I'm afraid to publish them, because it's really trash, awful.

I tried to collect excerpts from some unreleased tracks into one file, I made it more convenient for you not to listen to 2-3 minutes of boring garbage.

We have come to an end! Thank you very much for reading this "great interesting blog." I want to say a little spoiler: I want to create a modification for Portal 2, maps for Garry's Mod on Steam Workshop, try to continue the second part of Mission Light 2 and write a new album.

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