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Hello! Again, yes...

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I decided not to say goodbye to my dear hobby - music. Although there is one more good news - maybe I can give one person the files of my projects, and maybe he will continue and improve them.
I want to say that in a couple of months I experienced some stress inside myself, now I can say that I have updated and returned some moments from the past at the present time, and this is cool. I want to please you with new cheerful and energetic music, it will be dance genre. Now I would like to show you an excerpt from a remix that will be released soon, yes, you can’t say from it that you need to wait for something really cool, but believe me. I will completely change my style.

And also, perhaps, I will gain strength and by using sweets and coffee I will continue my projects!

I really hope that this sh*t will at least somehow cheer you up, but if you do not like all this, ahh.... I can't say some bad things.... just go from here :)

And yes, love only yourself, this is really crazy feeling

*** Also, if there are such people who need music for their projects, you can contact me in any way, and I will give you my demo versions or unreleased ***

The end of my work

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This post will be small as there is only one small important information.

I want to inform you that I am no longer engaged in the development of modifications. As for music, I stop being a public performer. But as before, I can continue write music for one company, as well as for people who will be interested in working with me (in this case, a real name will be used, not an artist).

Many thanks to all for your support, who supported and appreciated my works.

I prepared a small album of 5 tracks, tried to write as best as possible, and some tracks really sound good in my opinion, because this is also the last album.

Once again, thanks everyone!
You can contact me :
discord: (only in private message)

Ready for cooperation

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Hello! In connection with my best circumstances in terms of technology and personal, I plan to distribute my unreleased tracks or new ones for your modifications / games / trailers / etc.
So, my works do not deserve good marks (and besides this), therefore, all the tracks that I can provide you are free, but with a required attribution.

Right now I'm creating a playlist with snippets of tracks.
If you are interested, you can contact in person in messages or write to the mail (for unauthorized users)

Thanks you for your attention,

Good luck!

You can watch this article more often because new snippets will often be added to the playlist.

The first update of "Mission Light" will be today!

Luikrol Blog

I found some bugs and I need to fix it , and I think it will be funny if I'll add some things on maps like secret rooms etc. (wait in the evening)
lalalalalalalalalala (The content field must be at least 200 characters in length.)


oops, I have more plans of update , coming soon update (not today)

The First Remixes (EP) out now!

Luikrol Blog

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