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LordPixel @ SpAI: The American Expedition

There will definitely be more releases coming up. The feedback we get from the community helps to design the game and make it grow, not to mention the fact that it's really really cool reading peoples comments.

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LordPixel @ SpAI February News Update:

Epic has not hired us, but you must admit one does not get the chance to show of their work to the gaming industry very often.

In regards to going commercial we are taking this game to the next level. If that means going commercial ... well lets just say the future is looking bright.

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LordPixel @ Sp.A.I

Okay, we got the "bonus" level up. Slightly after the deadline but it is up and playable. It's rough as hell and requires user testing and polish .Look to the file description (when it has been authorized) for more information.

...After this we will make one or two changes to the initial level (the one we are being marked on) but we shall be focusing on University for awhile.

Thanks to everyone who took a look at the game. It was a really good feeling to see people play something you have created and the comments have made our day even the negative ones because that's how we learn. Please ask any questions you w...ant. About the project, about the development process about us even. We will answer it to the best of our ability.

Again thank you and we will see you after the academic year is finished.

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LordPixel @ SP.A.I 1.01

First of all thank you for your feedback.

“I felt as if my weapon did nothing at all towards enemies. Running was always the option I took”

Combating enemies wasn't something we really wanted in the game. It was more about solving puzzles and avoiding the enemy. But something we noticed was that the placement of these enemies can affect how the player wants to interact with them.

At the moment when a player sets of the alarm he/she is attacked by antivirus programs. How they move and shoot leads to a more action orientated mindset where the player wants to fight them off. However the weapons available to the player do no damage. Which leads to a no win scenario where your only option is to run.

While this works when getting chased with a file it fails to work with the laser grid sections. We have noted this and are implementing a different response when the alarm has been triggered.

“Lasers don't do enough damage. Even failing a laser avoiding segment pretty badly did almost no damage to me.”

In regards to the lasers, finding the balance is difficult. When we release the new level we shall increase the overall damage to make it more challenging. We will also be implementing a better checkpoint system to counter balance this increase in difficulty.

“Enemies were small and hard to see - perhaps have some sort of "targeting" display?”

This is an excellent idea but we probably won't have time to implement it before our academic submission deadline. But when we continue this project after uni ends I can see that being one of the first things to go in.

“The aiming reticle was almost useless. It didn't indicate range when needed (ie, how close do I have to be before actually grabbing a file?) and it didn't actually help aim at all.”

Again this is an excellent point and one we shall definitely try to fix before the next release

Finally I'm glad you liked it. It makes it all worthwhile hearing that.

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LordPixel @ Sp.A.I 1.01 (Fix)

Thank you for the information. The problem with the lag comes from the open layout of the level. Because there is so much to show it comes at a cost. So we are working on things like lighting, shadows and L.O.D textures to get the FPS up to a respectable 30 frames on our low end test machines. That is what a standard UDK map runs at.

We shall look into this and hopefully that solves the problem. Isn't it always just one checkbox needing to be ticked that solves everything.

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LordPixel @ SP.A.I 1.01

First of all I would like to thank you for your feedback, we really want to hear what people think about our demo. We are going to try and add audio and visual settings as well as changing the tutorial slides to make them more clear and succinct.

In regards to the drop in framerate I cannot say what caused it. On our low end test machines we manage 20fps on this map. Considering that the default UDK maps only run 26fps on these computers it was considered a minor thing and we moved on.But now we shall do what we can to increase the framerate to 26fps on these computers.

In relation to your last statement. There is a reason why this game has been placed online even though it would still be considered an early alpha. That reason is we have been requested by our university as a part of our course to place our games online. We are getting marked on the publishing phase (and how we handle it) of the game development process.

Again I want to thank you for your time and feedback. It means a lot to us.

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