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I had been following the mode for a while and jumped with joy after seeing its release. After 3 years I would be able to play it. Giving a good hour of play I feel I could have waited longer.
From the read-me I was told to go to the dojo level first to learn the controls, I found that the text was unreadable due to part of it being cut off. It didn't help that the read-able text wasn't easy to understand. I then tried my hand at other levels, hoping i'll learn the controls through experience. For the most part I did yet the characters would change their move-set randomly and at inappropriate times (Only with certain characters though). I should also mention that hit detection is awful. You have to be INCREDIBLY accurate (and lucky) to hit an enemy. Some of my attacks that should be direct hits go off without hurting the enemies. It doesn't help that the action camera spins around your attacks sometimes, showing you miss horribly. This becomes frustrating if you are fighting a bunch of agents from the matrix.
Speaking of agents, the A.I. is meager. They seem to be in "attack-only" mode. If my enemies weren't punching the air they were punching each other. The bosses fair slightly better by occasionally running away.

But enough of the bad stuff, its always good to end on a high note. The character models are very detailed, each with unique move-sets, some have multiple. My gripe with the models is that can't move and attack, they simply "glide" along the ground, but I can let that slide (get it?)
I should mention that there is a ton of content here. A whole story mode, movie scene recreations and an awesome zombie mode. Plus you can play as Riddick and Wolverine.

I would have scored lower if it wasn't for the potential this mod has. Honestly, it is only a few patches away from being one of the top mods in existence.

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