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I have been hardcore the last couple of days, averaging about two models a day. Thank you to bioware for providing all the concept art from Mass Effect making my job a lot easier that help this mod continue to its true glory. Just a quick progress report for my followers.


- Alliance Fighter (model complete)
- Alliance Dreadnought (model still in WIP phase)


- Turian Frigate (model complete)
- Turian Heavy Cruiser (model complete)
- Turian Fighter (model complete)


- Mass Effect Relay (model complete)
- Citadel (Still in WIP phase)

If your interested in the mod or Mass Effect in general check out my mod page. I update it daily. With new models and news.


Hey, I'm new to modding, and I was just wondering what program or software you used to make the 3D models for the ME Sins mod

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Hey lord_set. :)
just had a few thoughts id like to run by you. wondering if you had intended any sound design or if that is already taken care of, i wanted to offer any assistance i can, as a rabid mass effect fan and video effects designer. the sound assets are easily replaced in sins, and the hours upon hours of voicework in ME, ME2 and ME3 are hugely distributed.
my offer would be, should you choose this, to replace the ships selection, order and creation sound assets, with sound files that are class and race specific, and of course lore friendly.
the only thing i would need from the team would be a reference sheet indicating which vanilla sins ships are being replaced by which mass effect models, including class and race, and my own comprehensive knowledge of the series and the codex lore would be sufficient to appropriately redesign the sound. essentially i would make salarian ships sound distinctly salarian, asari would sound asari.
i have already researched the availability of assets, and
for a baseline, downloaded assets can easily create the reaper and collector voices, i could transpose the existing TEC faction voices over to cerberus and it would be a good fit, and the citadel forces i would download and/or sample in game.
i can create and upload the sound assets in a drag and drop format to a dropbox for evaluation, and of course their use would be at your discretion. let me know, thanks for this project. i am still trying hard to prolong my mass effect experience. :)

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its apparent from your videos youve got sound covered. ;)

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