What to say... I'm one of those there Level Designers. I've been working in Hammer for about 5 years now. It's come a long way from the "Hmm, let's give them a half-competent level editor" it started out as in the days of Half-Life.

I enjoy Mapping in source, and photoshop is my second love. Pretty standard stuff.

If you're still reading this, you're a real trooper. Have a cookie!

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A lot of new news on the homefront. Not issuing any official information, or even publishing a mod page about the Cyberpunk game I have been working on yet. It's hard, but I am focusing on working out every kink before committing myself fully, and in public view. However, for clarification, the mod will be a single player only mod, focused around one region in our dystopic near future. The game will be a seamless blend of the Action RPG and First-Person Shooter genres, and will be heavily story driven (sorry for all you fans of spray-n-pray mindless shooters, there's lots of games for you out there). That aside... to the new information!

Lately, along with writing storyline and backstory, as well as concept art and texture design, I have been working on selecting an engine to work in. I am pleased to have found the Source engine to my liking. Although it has more limitations than unreal or crytek, it has a lot more functionality that I would rather not use 3rd party software for. That is the one thing that is currently set in stone.

In it's current form, the story is sitting at about 10 chapters worth of content, but that's only core content, meaning I may have more side missions and/or optional paths to take as well. On top of that, there is the possibility, time permitting, of a branching storyline around what is currently the 7th chapter.

The entire process has been one big pain in the butt, obviously. The corner of my place where all my drawing and brainstorming is done is covered in note cards, concept sketches, and random inspirational photos. Not to mention when I get inspired, I tend not to sleep for long periods of time.

However, through it all, I will say that I can hope to have lots of concept art, a finalised name for the game, and lots of in-game screenshots up by... we'll say june at the latest.

Until then, back to work!

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do you have any pictures of your works?

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Most of my work is pre-source, and rather old unfortunately. Lately, I've been working with the new Hammer I/O to figure out the most efficient ways to do good cityscapes for my upcoming project. However, I should have some new concept work up soon, just fleshing out the details on some of the areas. What kind of work do you do may I ask?

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