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Zone of Alienation mod

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The game is constantly crashing, i cant play for more than 5 minutes, and i didnt even modify anything, just installed the spawn patch that was released recently and started a new game, and im using v.1.006.
EDIT: The crashing was caused by having the belt full and selecting ammo to to to the belt, crashing the game, it is avoidable but is annoying

Just a few minutes after the start of the game i got a pistol that shoots like a shotgun and does tons of damage, it appeared right in my inventory¡ WTF, i thought it was supposed to be a hard mod¡

Well, without the pistol the game IS hard, enemies kill you in one shot when it takes you several high cal. shots to down a damn bandit.

Gun overall configuration is ridiculous, the sawned off mosin nagan is more accurate than the normal one, weapons that should make more damage to other make just a tiny bit more or just the same as worse ones,a huge part of weapons configuration is random and unrealistic., it's like if the mod maker just let his 2 year brother do the work in weapons configurations.

And at last, i got an artifact called ''pebble'' that raises 1000000k health, and i got this from the start like the shotgun pistol.

I dont know what the author smoked when doing this mod, but i want some of that **** too.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

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SkyMoMod V13

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GOOD GOOD¡¡¡ actually the best

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