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For a Half-Life mod, it's quite original to find a mod without any weapons. Not even a flashlight, and that last thing is extremely important in this mod. The enemies from the darkness manage to make you hesitate to ever approach an unlit room, and while they represent the only form of AI in the entire game, they manage to move with reason, which only makes them more fearsome. In certain parts, an intelligent use of flares is vital. The cold also plays an important role, and will represent... the less painful death, if you're not careful. The map, in this case a research station in Greenland in the middle of the snow desert, is not so big, but you might get lost if you're not careful. The puzzles that span through the entire game can always be solved with good common sense, an astute observing of the surroundings, and some might require some concentration even. Perfect mix between Horror and Puzzles, like I said earlier.

It is obvious from the beginning that a lot of effort was put into this. The opening cutscene is amazingly well animated and directed. The story itself seems to be a succesful mix between "The Thing" and "Alan Wake". Throughout the game, the player will take pleasure in reading documents scattered around the building, sometimes of no importance at all, but they all contribute to adding to the atmosphere. Their visual quality is also astonishingly realist. The ending was a bit underwhelming though... and also the realization that so many "Chekhov Guns" will remain without consequences, and many questions unanswered... I wish there was a sequel.

Very convincing, some sudden noises will give you a good scare!

I just realized there's no music at all. Incredible!

Nothing seems improved here, in comparison to Half-Life 2, but I can't complain about it.

1 or 2 hours.

An unexpected but pleasant surprise, this mod is an original mix of Horror and Puzzle-Solving. Try it now!

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