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Dwarf Fortress

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This game is a dream.

A beautiful dream about opportunities and possibilities. But its beauty isn't defined by fancy visual effect nor endless spectrums of colors. Loving Dwarf Fortress reminds of ones purest love towards a human, aimed at whats inside rather than the outter visage.

DF is saddly a love it or hate it kind of game. Its complicated and tricky, many times confronting the player with situations that require sacrifices, easilly slipping out of control into the famous "tantrum spirrals".

Many will be uneager to play a game with such basic graphics.
Many won't be willing to tame the games mechanics, steep learning curves.
Finally many shall wave goodbye after confronted with challanges of a great magnitude that might even cause a veteran's player head to ache.

Those all quitters will miss out big time. Yes, quitters - becouse DF is a game for commited gamers, that are willing to learn the tools of trade that the dwarven empire uses for building outposts, mountianhomes. Theres a lot of "FUN" in it.

And if you are one of those people that trust this game time and effort... Let me tell you, Dwarf Fortress takes grip of real time strategical/economical gameplay soo hard, it makes maaaaany games released nowaydays look like they are supposed to be ported to cellphones, simplicity wise.

And ofcourse, aside the management side that is Fortress Mode, one may concentrate on a single characters tale in Adventure Mode, using the same ammount of engine provided possibilities in a RPG fashion. Lots of fun for everyone.

Go ahead. Try it.

If you don't like it, too bad. But if you do?

Give your wife and kids a plane ticket to a nice vacation spot for a month, becouse there will be hardly time for anything else than tending to your bearded subordinates.

Might consider 2 months, seeing how much the vibrant modding scene changes the game keeping the basic feel. The options, are endless.

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