Hello, my name is Alejandro Gorgal (everybody calls me Alex or Linfo though); Im the character modeler and animator of "Depth", making divers so you can tear them apart.

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So, lately I've been working on some environment meshes (I made a car!) but that is not really a whole lot of work, so I've decided to put my time into use and make some new characters for personal use (possibly an animation demo reel, which is something I don't have and definitely should).

I wanted to work on a concept I had for a game a while ago called "Runner". The idea is simple, one player is the runner, and other 3 play as hunters which, you guessed it, must hunt him down.
Hunters have short range weapons such as spears and swords, and the runner has no weapons. What he has though, is the ability to set magical traps which the hunters can't see.

So it's basically a cat an mouse game, the runner sets a bunch of traps (which have a spawn limit so you cant spam) and the hunters must try to guess where these are, avoid them and kill the runner.

Visually, I wanted the game to be sort of a mix of medieval fantasy and cyber-punk (I am aware that the combination doesn't makes sense, but it kinda does in my head).

Runner concept A Concept B

As you can see, I originally made a simple sketch of the Runner being a white character and then decided to make him black, not sure why but it's fun stuff to make these models.

So, with the concept more or less done (even if it's rather simple) I decided to make a mesh.
So far I've been working on the general body proportions in Blender and when Im done the plan is to take the model into ZBrush and make a nice high poly model. I find Blender's sculpt tool MUCH better for low poly modeling and the camera controls don't make me wanna kill someone so I guess that kinda helps too :)
Anyway, here's what I've have so far after approximately 3 hours of work:

Anatomy is FUN!

And another:

This is no way near being finished.

Im not exactly sure if Im ever going to do something with these models and ideas, Im definitely not interested in being the project leader of my own mod/indie game and Im no coder so this is all I can do, but hey! It's fun and it's good practice.
Im still surprised how much I've improved my workflow, I can't help but think that my first characters (Depth chars) took about one month each. Yikes!

So yay for me! :)
Anyway, I think that's all for now, if I ever continue working on this I'll post more screenshots.



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