Been playing Battlefield 2142 since 2006 with the Jeepsofdeath (=JoD=) clan. In the demo days few of the JoD members began making modifications and tweaks to improve our game play. I joined this modifying community and learned from many of great modders like ChopperGirl, ZeroKill, Welcome, and many more. Now here I am trying to keep the 2142 community going.

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lillyishot @ BF2142 Hub

========== TROUBLESHOOTING & FAQ ================
Q: "No Internet Connection Detected. 'You are not connected to the Internet.
A: You need to patch your game. On the hub help tab. Select OpenSpy and
double click the patch button.

Q: "EA Account does not exist.
A: This is a new system and you will have to create a new account and
player. The password is not saved securely so make a bogus password.

Q: Nothing happens when I press the "Play" button
A: Run the Diagnostics tool, the output should look like the following:
No Errors Found.
BF2142.exe (EA)- PASSED!
RendDX9.dll (OpenSpy)- PASSED!
RendDX9_ori.dll (EA)- PASSED!
BF Version - 1.51- PASSED!
Profile - Missing

If your profile is missing, that is Okay. You will get a profile when you
first join in game.

If it does not look like the result above:
1. If your BF2142.exe is (EA) and RendDX9.dll (EA) Then on the help tab
press the openspy selector and double click the patch button.
2. If you are missing either BF2142.exe is (EA) and RendDX9.dll (EA)
please proceed to the discord mentioned below.
The problem is that you do NOT have an original EA game. It has been
modified by other parties and you need more technical troubleshooting.

If it does look like the above diagnostic results
1. Make sure your hub is pointing to the correct location of where your
game is located. Look in the settings tab. Click the yellow folder to
correct it.

Q: Does this still work, because I went to the Revive site and they shut down
A: Yes it does still work. :) Revive got shutdown but we are still here. 40 players in the weekends. BUT be aware that Revive created patches to the game that will not allow you to join our system. Reinstall your original EA game, then patch up using the hub.

Q: "Invalid CD Key" when I try to connect with multiplayer server
A: Please proceed to the discord mentioned below. This is a bit more technical and you will need help from our tech support.

Still having issues with the hub or anything else? Join the Reclamation discord to get help!

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