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In this blog I will be talking about the story how me and goffman got into a fight because I rated his mod 1/10. And some back story about Hobo Life's stolen map.

First, some back story about my mod "Hobo Life" and the stolen map.

The year was 2017, I was a dumb kid who was just trying to "make" mods. At the time I think I had uploaded "Hobo Life" to ModDB and it was bad. The map was stolen from someone that I won't mention their name because they probably don't want to get involved. I didn't even credit him. Later on he found out about my really bad mod and contacted me saying "next time you're gonna use someones work please care to note them, aight?" There was more to the message but I for some reason replied to it saying

moddb reply

Yeah cringe and impolite, but a few weeks ago I replied saying sorry and that I have started working on the new Hobo Life map and that the map is being remade again, but this time with quests, better looking map and so on. (People who have played the original Hobo Life will understand). Again I would like to say sorry to him that I stole the map without saying anything, but now I've messaged about the Hobo Life update and that his map will be used again, but in an actual good way. The map doesn't look the same almost everything is different there. **UPDATE** He replied saying that he doesn't care if I use his map so I can officialy use it. So big thanks to him.

Now about me and Goffman's Drama

After releasing Hobo Life I was playing a few mods and then I found a mod called "Kill The Monk" by goffman. Or I just maybe found some other mod that he had made, I really don't remember. I downloaded the mod and for some reason I didn't like it. Then I went to the moddb page of his and rated his mod 1/10. After that he saw my review and he got angry and rated my mod 3/10. That's okay tho, but then he made 4 accounts and rated my mod 3/10.

bot rattings 3 10

If he hadn't done this then I would've have never reported him, but since he took it to the next level I wrote an email to the ModDB Support team and they just terminated his account. I know that I've done big damage to him and that most of his older mods dissapeared. I am sorry about that and remember it was 2017, I didn't know what I was doing and I was toxic back then myself.

So why did I make this blog?

I am not here to say mean things to Goffman, I've not too long ago tried his mod again and it wasn't that bad. But I want to end this drama because right now a lot of people think that I'm the same guy from 2017 who just takes other people's stuff and marks it as their own. And who's toxic to other mod developers and without any crittercism rate's other mods 1/10. I am right now getting a lot of hate from Goffman fans and I understand you all that I should'nt have rated his mod this badly. I am genuinely sorry and, please before hating on me, understand that I am not the only one who made it this bad, if not his spam ratings, I would have never reported him. Hope you understand and have an amazing day.



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Lmao memories

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I remember you from Gmod9 Naf's server :D. My name was Gatelych82

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Neddya Creator

Nice :D

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