I'm an independent game developer, hoping to bring fun to the masses with simple and elegant games built using the Unity 3D engine for enjoyment on the PC/Mac and mobile operating systems.

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What is Dungeon Dive?

Lelex Blog

Dungeon Dive is a video game for PC and Mac currently being developed by yours truly using the Unity 3D game engine.

If dungeon-crawling were a competitive game-show, complete with overzealous announcer, chances for big money and prizes guarded by swarms of deadly monsters and traps, it would begin to scratch the surface of what makes up a Dungeon Dive.

Dungeon Diving is a timeless tradition spanning the lives of countless adventurers and heroes from all manner of fantastic origin. Elves, dwarves, gnomes and humans alike plunging headlong into dangerous crypts, dungeons, sewers, castles, caverns, lairs and ruins in search of enemies to vanquish and treasures to hoard.

Dungeon Diving is much like dungeon-crawling, though as the verb implies, it's more intense, more dangerous, and just a whole lot faster. Momentum is everything, and the slightest miscalculation could result in fatal injury.

Contestants will need every ability at their disposal to survive the challenges that await them from the beginning of a single dive to the end. The valiant Cavalier, wily Thief, imposing Cleric, deft Ranger, explosive Wizard and unstoppable Barbarian are only a few of the types of contestants that will make up the roster of Dungeon Divers, each with their own strengths, tactics, style and philosophy. These and more will be explored in detail as this project unfolds.

If it's worth mentioning as an update, you'll find it here. I can also be found chirping regularly on Twitter, and video updates will be posted here and to the Dungeon Dive YouTube channel. You can also follow the development blog at dungeondive.com.

Happy Diving!


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