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Doom 3: Redux

Mod review

Wish the original developers showed as much love for this game as this mod does.

Doom 3 is a great game. But was lacking in some basic settings options, including some resolution options. This mod fixes that.

Aswell as enhances the visuals and sounds.

I have one problem with the mod though. For some reason if you invert mouse-look the mouse-Y sensitivity goes all the way down always.



Game review

Game frustrated me so much i wanted to give it 1/10.
But I should also take into consideration the positive things about the game.

I bought into the hype.
I loved Opposing Force and have been wanting to play as Shepard again.
I thought this would feel like a sequel but it doesn’t.
Other than the HUD being green there isn’t anything Opposing Force related about this.
Its Half Life 2. But not in a good way.

There is no controller support. If you’re one of those “first person shooters shouldn’t be played with a controller!” person then this wont be an issue for you.

The intro and voice acting is not good. Flashback sequences are annoying.
When it comes to storytelling in games I think showing is better than telling. And doing is better than seeing.

As for the gun fights they are terrible. This game is not hard because of intelligent or varying enemies. Its hard because of the fact that they dont stop spawning. Its annoying and tedious. Im not having fun im just getting tired.

The instant kill puzzles suck too. Playing HL and HL2 the environment itself was a hazard. And you'd often take damage that seem unavoidable. This however, i have to jump over bright, moving lasers. Its a first person shooter and the controlled character doesnt have feet, how am i gonna see where im landing?


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Game review - 1 agree

A satisfying western shooter with some cool gameplay mechanics.

You play as Silas Greaves an old bounty hunter telling his story of vengeance at a bar.
Throughout the story you encounter famous (or infamous) western outlaws.

Didn’t have an interesting variety of weapons. You have two weapon slots basically.
One for pistol or Sawed-Off Shotgun (both you may dual wield)
The second for rifle or Double-Barreled Shotgun.
Third is for dynamite.

Despite liking the shotguns you have to reload too often so I found them useless even in close quarters combat.
The rifle is good for long range.
The only pistol I found worth using was the Ranger.
The other pistols are either the six-shooters or quickshooters which may shoot/reload faster but I didn’t find them all that useful or fun to use.

The game is a narrative driven game so it is a bit linear. A bit too linear. You are meant to search for “Nuggets of Truth” they give you xp aswell as some info on characters. But im often afraid to search for them because I keep getting these “leaving the story area” messages that I dislike.

The game has a bullet time mechanic.
A Sense of Death mechanic that lets you dodge a potentially fatal gunshot.
And boss duels.

The story telling has funny moments.
This game is definitely worth it.


Quake 2

Game review - 1 disagree


This is how you make an FPS. They dont make them like this anymore.
Non of that 2 gun limit, regenerating health nonsense. Non of that waiting for npcs to open doors for you. You go at your own pace, no time to waste.

Alot of weapons and items to pickup.
Good music
Non linear level
Secrets to find if you explore. You dont have to worry about a message telling you to "get back in the combat zone" ◔_◔

map system is not great, graphics are old and alot of doors/walls look the same
selecting/using items are more complicated than they need to be
saving the keys you remap can be a problem

In 2015 this game still holds up.


Dark Souls

Game review

Dark Souls is a hard game. It can be satisfying. It can frustrating. It has its ******** moments.

Some of the scenarios the NPCs get in can be a bit contrived.
There is a variety of interesting locations connected to each other via some kind of shortcut you can access either early or later in the game.

Too many bottomless pits in this game. All the routes are tight and narrow with bottomless pits. Its the fall itself that kills you, not the sudden stop at the bottom.
To make things worse some enemies placement are so annoying.

Alot of secrets to discover.

Enemy attacks clip through walls and are able to hit you. Its very cheap. But your attacks get interupted when you hit a wall.

Hitboxes can be unfaire too. Enemies hit you when they clearly shouldnt.
Collision detection is also not so great. You sometimes cant get over un-even grounds. Like some kind of invisible wall is preventing you to.

The jumping controls is not so good. You hold down the run button and then tap it to jump. Tapping is also used for rolling. So you can end up rolling when you want to jump. Or jumping when you want to run. This can lead to deaths.

Some boss designs are misleading. For example you'd assume that a boss covered in flames would be immune to fire. But its not. You cant use logic to defeat bosses in this game. Your logic will betray you. Its alot of trial and error. And finding the right formula for each boss.
But despite that almost each boss encounter is the same scenario. You are locked in a room or small area (behind an impenetrable "Fog Gate") and cant leave until one of you die.
They should have changed the scenarios up a bit. The whole fog gate thing got repetitive.

I didnt find many of the bosses interesting except for maybe 3:
Gwyn the last boss, reminds me of Zeus.
Sif a giant dog with a sword in his mouth.
Quelaag a fire witch with a spider creature as her lower half.
All i can remember from the other bosses was...they were big..

The item descriptions are unclear or false. Its not easy formulating a good strategy when you're not sure what a weapon or piece of armor actually does.
You have to actually search the internet for that.

The game looks bad graphically. And is locked at 30. This can be fixed with a mod.
But even with the mod fix it stills looks pretty bad. I can barely see faces. I dont know what people's face look like in this game even when their faces are exposed.

Also the endings are a bit abrupt. The game has a very epic intro video.
But the ending is pretty much "you did it, now start the game back over"

A good game.


Dead Space 2

Game review

You see Isaac's face way too much. Isaac talks way too much. I prefer him as a silent protagonist.
I saw the Isaac in DS1 as a mysterious, in control, focused guy.
The voice actor doesnt do a bad job at all but Isaac talking adds nothing to the game for me. It takes things out.

Chapter transitions are much smoother. Too smooth. In fact there are no transitions at all. In the first game you used the train to get to different parts of the ship.
Here you just see a text pop up saying "Chapter..." which is pointless because you hardly notice.

The pacing is not as good as the first game.
The side characters are not as memorable.
They introduce some new enemies, but nothing special.
Your suite doesnt upgrade in a linear fashion anymore which is unfortunate. It gave a better sense of progression.
Even the way the shop itself works has changed for the worst.
They also pointlessly changed some of the controls. You'll get used to it but what was the point of changing it.
My problem is not that there were changes. We need change. But the changes need to be improvements.

The zero-gravity sections are good. You dont jump from surface to surface, now you actually fly and move about freely.

Still a good game but not as good as the original.


Max Payne 3

Game review

The plot is Max has to protect a bunch of rich folks in São Paulo Brazil.

Spoilers: tsom fo meht eid

Didn’t care much for the characters.
Rodrigo Branco is a likeable guy. Then you have his gold-digging wife Fabiana. His politician brother Victor and other brother Marcelo a spoiled partier. And Giovanna who is Fabianna’s sister "the good sister". She is kinda likeable also.

The gunplay is fun and satisfying for the most part.
But it is also flawed. I have a hard time seeing the tiny crosshair which is just a white dot.
The cover system sucks. Best to crouch behind objects than to attach to walls.

There is an overuse of cutscenes that cant be skipped until the game is done loading apparently. The game tries very hard to be a movie. Whats worst you can pause the cutscenes. Yeah i just love cutscenes you cant skip but you can pause. Plus you cant quit the game until the cutscene is over.

What sucks even more is that Max has a habit of switching back to your one-handed weapon each time, and also likes to charge into dangerous situations. So imagine having only 8 bullets and Max charges in a gunfight like an idiot instead of letting the player strategically decide how and when to engage.

It also gets pretty annoying with the constant wave of enemies.
There is a cycle that repeats. Cutscene, action, walking, cutscene, action, walking.

A cool thing are the collectibles. You can collect "clues" in the game and Max will narrate something.

You can also collect pieces of gold weapons which will turn a weapon golden.
So you'd think the game encourages exploration right? Wrong. The game is on a time limit. If you stop for too long you can get a mission failed. What ********.

There is a twist in the end. But its nothing amazing or surprising. It just deals with corruption.


Dead Space

Game review

Memorable main characters.
Cool weapons.
Interesting enemies. Satisfying to kill: stomping on them or severing their limbs.
Good pacing.
Nice atmosphere.

Bad fov.


Crysis 3

Game review - 1 agree

Overall its a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy (or quadrilogy).

Many of the things that i liked and disliked from Crysis 2 are here.
The visual effects are annoying. Rarely would i ever say the screen was clean and neat. The FOV is not so great.
Its less linear than Crysis 2.

I like the sound effects. But dislike that i still cant change the suit voice to female.

Hoping for a Crysis 4 in the future. Hopefully the story will be independant of this one.


Halo 2

Game review

Halo 2

2 protagonists (you can play the Arbiter who is actually more interesting than Master Chief and seems to do more in the campaign than Chief)

Dual-wielding guns. Something that should be an option in every first-person shooter.

FOV is 2 small (can be fixed by editing a few HEX files)
Gun models are 2 big. Especially when dual-wielding, i can barely see a thing other than two giant guns in my face.

2 many instant deaths. Gets very frustrating.

Twice the weapon and vehicle options than Halo CE.
Twice the enemy variety.

Would have been twice as better with mods.

Not a bad game, but i wouldnt call it great.

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