Organic Panic has been 5 years in the making, and we're happy to announce that it's nearly done. Meat & Cheese battle Fruit & Veg in a quirky physics puzzler featuring real fluids, totally destructible levels, real fire, and an in-game editor to build and share your own levels!

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Second Presentation at the NYC Games Forum

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We will be presenting at the NYC Games Forum on July 23rd, talking about the development process and our level editor.

Sign up here:

Last time we were at the NYC Games Forum was in March, where we won Game of the Month. Check out our blog post about it:

We wouldn't be the best court reporter...

LastLimbGames Blog

Like a summer journal for English class, we didn't do the best job of writing things down. Our next post is from Jan 2011

"Below is our second video created later in 2009, here we can see lava, molten rock and fire effecting ice. Also some more enemy characters have been implemented, plus there is a further demonstration of the level editor.

This was created nearly 2 years ago, it was a lot of fun to play, and it seemed like kids (10 year old's) picked it up and took to it more easily than adults...."

Read the rest at

Update on new version - Where we're at?

LastLimbGames Blog

Here is the next post. From May 2011

"Just a quick update to say we are finally building levels, testing for bugs (lots of bugs) and starting basic game testing, in the coming weeks we hope too...

  1. Build a preliminary set of levels to play test
  2. Bring in friends and children of friends to game test and get feedback
  3. Refine the level editor so its even easier to use
  4. ..."

Check our devblog to see the entire post including pictures from our comic strip

Organic Panic Comic


LastLimbGames Blog

We keep a development blog at

Hope to see you there,

Here is a snippet of our very first post:

"As with our protagonists our enemies development was also greatly helped by one of our concept artist Jesse Aclin, he really helped give these characters their creative mean streak, and brought them to life.

Again I will try to render out some of the cool animations for these characters in the following weeks.

The evil antagonists are jealous of our Organic Fruit and Veg's magical powers, they are always seeking to control, dominate and subjugate them through the use of their technological weaponry and aggression..."

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