Hey! I'm Laski Tarl and I work on mods with my mod team, mostly the mods will only be posted on our private site and open for our friends, but sometimes we do send/upload the mods somewhere else so others can play them. I aim to just make mods so people can play & have fun,me and my team earn nothing but the happiness to make others happy. - Laski & DK Dev Team

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Medieval Kingdoms Total War (Attila Version)

Mod review

it is a good mod and I like it, still I want more :)


March of Rome

Mod review - 3 agree

This mod is pure awesomeness and it has it all, Romans & barbarians/gauls. I just love roman mods so this is why I could play this day in & day out..

Good textures, good maps, good balance with the weapons and armors & classes.


Prophesy of Pendor

Mod review

An old very good mod, that is now back to life! This is was one of my favorite mods for warband back in the days, and now it is back.. I love it! Recommend it


North & South: First Manassas

Mod review

Very awesome mod! I just love it, I play this everyday with my friends :) I hope that u guys never stop with this mod, becuase so many people play this and having fun on it.


A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

Mod review - 3 agree - 2 disagree

This is a very good mod and I love the Game of thrones theme :)
But as always it has bugs and so on, but that is ofc when it is Alpha still.
Abit empty so need more villages and towns and so on.

It is now getting alot better with the new updates, This mod is just the best mod for warband out there.

So I highly recommend this mod!


Star Trek: Armada 3

Mod review

Awesome mod! It changes everything into star trek and it is just lovly! I love being Klingons and killing some Feds ;) but I hate the borgs.. they so freking good x) Recommend this mod for everyone! :)


Additional Units Mod - Shogun (AUM-SHO)

Mod review - 1 agree

This mod adds alot of cool units to the game and it changes the gameplay and I love it! I highly recommend this mod for people!



Mod review

This mod is awesome! It has everything, Good Skins & Armors & weapons & Scens & Factions & Quests & Events & much more. Like Music and the grafic is very good. and I realy like this mod. I recommend it to everyone! Try it out. :)

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