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Okay people! I was at an Adobe Seminar/Conference in the Cinemaxx theater in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 11th November 2009.

Here's my version of it. (Written from my bad memory)

First off; What did we talk about?
Photoshop CS4, Bridge, Lightroom, and a little inDesign. And boy, did I learn something? Yes I sure did. We learned and talked a lot about re-touching photographs, faking depth in photos and colour-matching, and a lot of new and handy ways to use Adobe Bridge and much, much more.

Anything else we talked about? Oh yes; We talked about the design industry and how Adobe is a very big part of that industry. There was, of course, a lot of jokes involved in the process. Especially by one of our hosts; Tommi Luhtanen, a designer from Poland.

Can you describe some of the techniques used to re-touching a photo? Sure!

  • Start off by marking the things you want to change/clean up. Just do it basic with a brush on a separate layer.
  • Clean up the image for any unwanted things and then move on to fixing the lightning on it.
  • If its a human you're re-touching, and you want some smoother skin, like in a model magazine, then try this simple thing;

    "Duplicate you final layer with all the fixes etc. and apply a smart-blur filter to it. Remember to mask off the bits you don't want to smoothen out! Then edit the layer mask to your liking and smoothness to archive the best result."

  • Any other important news? Yes, certainly! Lightroom 3Beta is free for download until the final gets released to the public. Lets hope its not released for some time, eh? *Wink wink*

    What can you do with Lightroom 3Beta for example? The feature I noticed the most is possibility to upload your work directly to the Internet. Your own website, or Flickr if you'd like. And as the name kinda gives away, you can edit the lightning in a photo very easy.

    Any other tips from the pro's? Yeah, there is quiet a few.

  • Name your layers, or burn in Hell!
  • Use folders called "untitled" because you're a professional.
  • Lie about the working time and raise your price.

  • That's actually all I got. Sadly I never got the e-mail or the website to the show's other host, which makes me a little sad, but oh well. I got both's autographs but they aren't reader friendly, so to speak. :)

    But it has been a fun experience, and it certainly won't be the last!

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