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only add me if, you can tell me were in the world New Zealand is on a map, if not to bad =P, xfire account: KiwiWarrior 2010, Steam: KiwiWarrior: New avatar its the good night Kiwi a very famous T.V. Show way back when

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Due to popular opinion the tournament will be postponed and a proper set of rules will be put in place.
The new tournament date will be decided after any ideas are posted, the tournament rules are:

Tournament Mode
5 Min Ceasefire (only key words only if the other person wants it, if he says rush is on oo yea)
And if any unfair bugs are used then send me the replay and I will decide if it will mean a rematch

The maps will be
Round Robin:Tournament Desert
Quarter Finals: Tournament Island
Semi Finals: Tournament Plains
Finals: Tournament Desert

Ok the Hamachi server this the same: Zero Hour Epic
No password

The tournament will begin on 16th May at 8:00am GMT+12 but the time could change.

The tournament STARTS at this certain time and date this by no means makes it so all the games are to be played at that certain time, participants will be given 24 hours to complete their game and if they fail to do so the person who comes through with evidence that they tried to get a game played will be put through to the next round.

New tournament type it will now be a Double Elimination, so what happens is if you lose you get one more game but in the B group and not the A group
(by picky)

I was read a post and do you think the staff could do some PR for us or is that to much

Any questions hit me or picky up on xfire or the server on KiwiWarrior2010 or picky is pickledo

one more thing on the 15th the roster is finalized

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