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only add me if, you can tell me were in the world New Zealand is on a map, if not to bad =P, xfire account: KiwiWarrior 2010, Steam: KiwiWarrior: New avatar its the good night Kiwi a very famous T.V. Show way back when

RSS Soon No one Knows about the good night kiwi but Kiwi's heres some info on him

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The Goodnight Kiwi, later also called TV Kiwi, is a character in an animated short which has been used to signal the end of nightly broadcasts on Television New Zealand channels. The animation was originally played out before closedown on Television One and Television Two between 1981 with its last screening on October 19, 1994, before TV2 began 24-hour broadcasting. This animation returned on 6 September 2007 for use on TVNZ 6 when the channel ends transmission at midnight.The Goodnight Kiwi's companion is simply known as The Cat.

Thats wiki

and more from wiki

The one minute long animation begins with Goodnight Kiwi and the Cat in the master control room. Kiwi shuts down the screens, and starts an audio cassette playing an instrumental arrangement of the traditional Māori lullaby, Hine e Hine, or sometimes God Save the Queen. Kiwi walks through the studio while Cat jumps and pulls faces into a camera. Kiwi turns out the lights, puts a milk bottle on the porch and locks the door, while the cat heads upstairs to the studio roof. The Kiwi follows and rides an elevator (presumably just after it had been used by the cat) to the top of a transmission mast. At the top, Kiwi covers himself in blankets (in which the cat was already curled up) and goes to sleep in a satellite dish with the Cat sitting on his stomach. The short closes with the words: "Goodnight from TELEVISION NEW ZEALAND." There was a slight variation of the ending, with the TVNZ channel ident and the announcer fading down the volume to announce "and it's goodnight from Channel . . ." (this being directly followed by the channel number e.g. "and it's goodnight from Channel 2").An alternate version of the Goodnight Kiwi clip was used by South Pacific Television somewhere between 1976 and 1980 and saw the Goodnight Kiwi and his companion living in a television camera. At the end of the clip, the kiwi would close the side flaps on the camera and then the South Pacific Television logo would appear as the music faded out.During transmission breakdowns, a still picture of the Goodnight Kiwi was often used, in poses including one of sweeping the floor and accidentally pulling out a power cord.

The characters are regarded as part of New Zealand broadcasting culture.

And heres some clips of him

heres his last one in October 19, 1994 (sad sad day for all of kiwi land), he come back in 2007 for 6 oooo but i don't get 6 here ='(

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