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The Start

OK this is a idea i had for a game type from when i first started play games which was when i was 12
which is 6 years ago now, i'm reading it on paper cos i'm sick of no one making a game any close to my dream game, and i know there are some fucken skill people on moddb and mayb one will try and make it.

My first idea for a dream game

This one is truly just a test of is my idea even do able so heres some more info on it.

OK it would be a FPS/RTS/RPG,Ok this is whole it would work xD, There would be on guy that builds the base like in RTS view, his join is to look after the money and base things like that, then other team members are in FPS/RPG view they can build tanks planes and BOATY's when the command and build the building's they need, more on the RPG bit later, game play will have boats planes and tanks as i said all maps will have lots of water for the boats, there will be lots of other supply things around to map to get more money this would make the team go out and get as much of the map as they can so the commander to build more money builds and the team would get more money, there would also be 2 or 3 tech buildings around the map which no one owns and if you got them would would unlock some spacial tanks/boats/planes. The main idea of this is you have to kill the other teams base.
The main idea that made me wanna find a game like this, is i;m sick of all the shitty new FPS that have forgotten about team work like mw2 lol wtf one person can get a nuke by him self and that games over wtf were has team work none in games, or forgetting tanks are no the only vehicle in the world there are planes and ships sigh.

FPS/RPG View :

OK this is what all the team will be in but the commander, there job is to go around the map trying to get the tech buildings/ supply points around the map so the commender can build a bigger base, there job is to all so kill the other teams base. Ok now for the RPG bit in the game, The rpg bit will be like mass effects RPG (because of how much i love this game), as you kill the other team members you will get some xp to use on your self, there would be 5 classes and they would all have different skills they would be , a solder, a sniper, a heavy gunner, a support gunner, and a mage like the Adept from mass effect.

Commander RTS view :

OK i said what this guy does main up the top there but he all so get buy bot army's to hope his FPS players out they will be weaker but there main used will be as meat shields for the players, and to stop the other teams commanders bot army's, there would be no pop cap how i hate that in RTS games, the commander would also get power to use much like zero hour, if he kill some things with his bot army and got a new level, he could call in bombers and things like that, the bot army's would be controlled like Empire at war, when you build a men its not just one man its a group of men same with bot tanks you do not get a group for bot boats


Ships :

I'm sick of games not adding any good fucken boats like naval battles are my fav BlueHell is the first ones i have seen to use air/land/air in a game thats why i love them so, there will be lots of different types of boat will different uses, there would be a battleship back to live after ww2 because it would be like to tank for the sea taking hits for the other boats, its second role would be to bomb the fucken outa land forces it see with its long range, the sub his main goal would be to stealthy get past to battleship and attack the weak but more powerful ships, Destroyers there role would to help the battle ships and to stop subs from getting to close he can attack land targets but no were close to the range of the battle ships, missle subs there one and only role is to fire misses at land target's, aircraft carrier's there job is to help the plane out by being a moving airfield , (because planes will use fuel more on this later), this will have some weak anti ship weapons and advantage anti plane weapons, anti aircraft ship is role is to safe guard the battleship and all other ships from planes, gun boats there role is to go around the sea at high speed looking for the other teams boats, Missile ship his only role is like that of the missile sub wait but also he will have long range anti ship missiles.

Planes :

there main and only role is to support the land and sea players, as i said before planes use fuel so they just can't fly all the way to the other base thats why your commander has to build out to make more room out in the map for airfields so they can better help the land and sea units, aircraft carriers would be the easiest why to do this because up to 10 plans can land on one aircraft carrier, and they can move around the sea, making here your going to attack from hard for the other team.

tanks :

just like all games xD

OK as you can see so far this dream game would be very heavy based on team work, which i think all games should be based on, like say you lose to battle so the air you will not lose like that but your ground and naval units are going to have a fucken hard time staying alive and holding there group, you lose the sea and and will be a attacked for all over the map, you lose land and you lose new supply points and unowned tech centers.

Remember people this is not a game its a idea

this is were i would hope to see a game like this go

OK if that first idea works and its do able, the next step is to add this idea its will be a MMO(i know i fucken know don't tell me i know)/RPG/RTS/RPS, this games has to add the MMO one this one would not take 30 to a hour to win, this idea could go on for a week, but you don't have to stay there for the week the game will remember you and put you back in the team you were in and give you guy hes level back, this game would have Space/land/air and sea battles, ok here it goes

Commander :

his job will be to look after the planet hes is the commander of, it will not be a building like in RTS mode, his job would be to build a base on the plant EaW galactic conquest style, there will be 10 planets in the server, and a new commender is picked after you get a new planet to look after that planet, plues 3 tech planets that you can't build on.

Space Commanders :

OK there will be some different types of them here, First the space commanders will see the game in RTS view and it will be heavy capital ship fighting cos i hate fighters and bombers, they will see the game just as if they were playing Eaw with hard points and things like that,
Battleship Commander : He can only build battleship class ships xD, his join so like that of a battleship at ship to take as much of the hits as he can
Carrier Commander : he will be the very long rang space ship sending out fighters and bombers, will have no weapons of his own
Support Commander : Now his ships will have very long range and things like that, he can also bomb the planet with his long rang guns when you have kill all other space ships now this lets you weaken the planet alot, you can kill all there anti tank/air/inf tower from space but this option needs lost of money so its only for the richest team, he can also attack buildings need to build tanks but this will not kill them as this will make it way to unfair for the ground battle it just makes it slow to build things and you will need more money to build plans/planes/boats.

FPS View:

same as other game

Bots :

again there is a attacking commander only 1 of these guys per team his job is to build bot army's to help the player air/sea/land, he will also get general points like zero hour


know this is a big bit in this other idea, when you not attacking the other team,all the people on your team can go into FPS on your planes this means the commanders as well but only on your planets, here they get get mission's from the ai to get you more xp. like a space commanders RPG could be all your ships have +5% or some thin like this, theres missions give the players some think to do when they are no attacking

Planets :

Ok to take a plane off the other team first you must kill there space force around the plant, then your send in drop ships, the pilots drive them or bots and fighter's and bombers, the drop ships have your men tanks and things like this. there will be 5 battles for a battle the first battle will have no naval fighting,if a drop ship makes it to land its not over thats just to start and have to send as much as you can down, you can't swam tanks and men on the planet on the first battle they all have to be send down by drop ships this is way you need a carrier space ship to send fighters down to help guard them, if you get to win the first battle then your battle commander gets to build a base there now hes not the commander of the plant just there to rebuild that bit of land, the defeater's can't counter attack for 30 mins giving the attacks time to build a base, the attackers can attack again as soon as they want but they should build there base first, the 2 to 4 battles are just like the games up the top if you build your base after the first battle

These two games are my dream game and i'm yet to see any one make a game close to what i see in my head xD, i know its long i hope you liked reading it but its not over yet.

Random Shit about my fave Topic Warfare

you don't have to read this bit its just for people that are ibto this type of things

First off there are two different views in all wars the tactic view which is just from battle to battle ( the only View USA see's in they have this in common with Hitler both could only see tactic views), then there is the Strategic View which is see the whole picture if the like what would happen if i attacked here what would be the out come how can i win the war what battle to i need to win and what battle's can i lose, U.K. and Russia and china are three fucken country that are epic at this, they can think and both views which makes them very hard to bet. Country's that only see in one view don't mater what one view they can see are super easy to been down to nothing, were as country's that have commanders that see in both views are just about upbeat able.
See this is why American is so lucky to be still alive and around, they only alive today because of there nukes, as soon as some one finds a way to stop nukes before they get to there country you can say good bye to the USA. When people say american is a super power this makes me LOL, they haven't been a super power in forever they haven't won a war after ww2 that was the only war they have won, no country fears there army/navy/air force they laugh at them, they only fear the nukes.
See heres so info so you will see why american can only see in the tactic view, lol the war in the middle east ok the middle east was a shit hole before the american's got there but it was a big pot of oil, some how to ask my how but american were thinking they had nukes, (i don't know why american should care is a different country is making nuke, its not there fucken country to have a noise in, but sigh Americans think they own the world, bet you 90% of them couldn't tell me were New Zealand is or were the middle east is). So american went in not thing about what would happen if they went in not thinking how could they win this they just went in, and that was the one spike the middle east needed to just BOOM into a ball of fire. ( see Hitler did the same thing but to Russia, not being sad of any think but atm American leaders get more and more like Hitler lol)

My list of super Powers and why

1. U.K. ok most people don't see the power of the U.K,. and go by super power based on the army, but i island don't need a but army all it needs and the best naval leaders and ships in the world does the u.k. have this check, and the best air force commands and poit's does the UK has this yep, so its a super power no country has a hope in hell winning a war vs U.K. ( if some one says American has the best air force and navy i will drive to your house of fly there go into your house and laugh in your face)

2. China because of its tactic and Strategic views of the world, its got some of the best commanders i have ever read about, fuck me they don't need half the men they got, with there strategies the war is over before it started

Yep thats my list

My Top Commanders in ww2

1.Georgy Zhukov (Russian General fucken great commander)(don't know his rank)
2. The desert fox (German General guy don't know his rank would be number one but he found on he was on the wrong side to late, he didn't to any of the things that the other German Generals did thats why his battle were the other clean battles in ww2, i know people will say but he was in the plot to kill Hitler yes i know but it was to late)
3. Winston Churchill he was just the fucken man he ever give up

Last for all questions

Does any one know a engine that you can make my idea i game cos i have even up on any making this and i'm going to try and make it my self so any know a good engine that could make it

Well we are at the end of this little story it has taken me 2 hours to read i hope you like it


u ever played savage???
its pretty much like that cept no vehicles and its more primitive stuff with magic but its still pretty good

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I think you should add Tarantulas, scorpions, centipedes as your companion in your dream RPG game XD

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the size of this game would probably overpass 25 GB O_O

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KiwiWarrior Author


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lol xD, i think 50GB

and system specs
50ghz procesor
5GB videocard
20GB ram

and many more :P

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