I've been involved with the EAW modding community since June 2006 and ModDB since 2009. My background is in computer science and mathematics. I was drawn to the modding community due to its high level of energy and global impact on the gaming scene. We hope you guys are enjoying Republic at War and are looking forward to the upcoming additions that we will be releasing in the coming months.

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For those of you who like numbers, here's an idea of what we've done so far:

- Over 500 balance adjustments (fully tested)
- 2.1MB worth of NEW code
- 12 new buildable units (more to come)
- 2 new indigenous species (1 more to come)
- 2 new planets (1 more to come)
- 1.3GB worth of NEW art content (models, skins, etc)

We have about 20% more to go before we're done.

In addition to this, we'll have:

- A revised manual (cleaned up, updated and cleared of any errors)
- A new "RAW Assistant" application (included with 1.2) that combines the following:

  • An easy to use, effective, uninstaller
  • A version "checker" to allow players to (easily) find and resolve compatibility issues for multiplayer. It can also detect if Republic at War is correctly installed
  • An integrated updater (fully patched with the most recent Petroglyph August update)
  • Maybe more, depending on time constraints

- A full (easy to use) auto-installer

The bug list can be found here, for those of you interested.

We're looking at a Q1 2012 release. I'll see if we can get more frequent "news" updates out as the main page has been pretty quiet during these last 5 months.


Awesome, but 20% sounds like a lot, or at least enough not to make a Q1 release. (Jugding from the Very little modding knowlegde that I have, so I am most likely wrong Lol - I hope!) xD

Can't wait to play the 1.2. I'm sure its going to be perfect or close to it! Keep up the good work guys.

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