i like game just like you do or you wouldn't be on this site now would you unless you are some sort of FBI hacker guy that thinks that i'm crazy and is waiting to lock me up for raping some girl i never even met before you said i raped her and she like form a diffrent state than me or your a hacker type hacker and your out to steal my rather useless profile and use it to look up child pron on so that the real FBI hacker dude will come after me and say stuff about me raping some little girl this time or you were on some sort of gaming porn site that just happened to link you here and you just happened to find my profile and read it and then that would make you think that iv compleatly lost it and you would message me saying that iv lost it and i would be like i lost what now or your just here for no reason what so ever and so how randomly got here at that and then that would mean some one hacked you and the hacker hacker dude would look up child porn on your computer and that would suck

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