The developers make games for their living. The parasite then asks: "Why you fags didnt make the game for free? Greedy dicks."

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You wanna know how I became this expensive? My publisher...was...a money addict, and a fiend. And one night, activision goes off craaazier than usual. Gamer gets the forum topic to defend his explanation on why the high price wouldnt be good. Activision doesn't like that. watching, Activision takes the explanation and sticks it on the gamer´s ass, laughing while he does it. He turns to me...and he says..."WHY SO CHEAP?". He comes at me with raised price tag..."WHY SO CHEAP?!". Sticks the tag in my cover..."LET'S PUT A HIGHER PRICE ON THAT COVER!"...aaaand...why so cheap?



Wanna see a magic trick? I can make this wisdom teeth removal´s anesthetic disappear. Tadaa! And..... its gone.

Woopsie, removal was still on progress.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah oh hee hee ha ha ooh hee ha ha. My jokes really are bad.

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How to not to get disappointed on people?

Set your expectations on people to zero.

You then cant get disappointed on them.




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When schools are starting on Finland, stores are filled with school equipment offers.

When schools are starting on US, stores are filled with firearm offers.


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Fuck... This... Shit....
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Why plenty of people spam on moddb, that some mods are / might be dead?

Diagnose: Game version of Necrophilia.


Lets say, that someone has a crash issue on Left 4 Dead 2, and the person ask for help in SPUF.
When you give a possible fix, the person either

A) Tries the possible fix

B) Translates your "Try to disable statrtup-video" - message in to this:

C) Sees your help as meatspin song and tells you to fuck off, and keeps asking for help.

A lot of people have been wondering, what zombie mods exist (dead or alive) in moddb, so i decided to list them.

*Last updated on 13-04-2013* (Day/Month/Year)

--- Zombie Mods ---

- Armed Assault -

Resident Evil: Contangium

- Battlefield 2 -

Operation Dead Dawn
Zombie Mod

- Battlefield 2142 -

2142 Tofu Zombies
Zombie Mod 2143

- Call Of Duty: World At War -

The Rising

- Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare -

Before The Dawn (dead)
Dobbie's Zombie Mod
Reign Of the Undead - Zombies

- Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts -


- Counter-Strike -

Zombie Survival Unit

- Counter-Strike: Source -

CSS: Quarantine
Zombie Horde (dead)
Zombie Mod
Zombie Strike: source - A CS:S script (dead)
Zombie Survival

- Crysis -

23 Months Later
Assault Coop
Resident Evil Mod

- Dawn Of War -

RE: T - Raccoon City Incident
Resident Warhammer: Dawn Of Fear (dead)

- Deus Ex -

That Resident Evil Mod

- Doom 2 -


- Doom 3 -

Biohazard Mod
Dawn Of The Dead (dead)
Dawm Of The Dead MP (dead)
Resident Evil: X Project (dead)
The UBCS Trilogy
UBCS Mod (dead)
Zombie Slayer

- Fallout 2 -

New Reno Meltdown (dead)

- Fallout 3 -


- Far Cry 2 -

Far Cry 2 Zombie Mod (dead)

- Garry's Mod 10 -

Legend Zombies
S-ombies RP
Z-day (dead)
Zombie Onslaught
Zombie Survival

- Grand Theft Auto: Sand Andreas -

GTA Biohazard Alert (dead)
GTA Left 4 Dead
GTA Night Of The Living Dead
GTA Resident Evil: X-virus
GTA T-Virus Outbreak
Resident Evil: Eschaton (dead)
Resident Evil: Outbreak File #3
Resident Evil The San Andreas Infection (dead)

- Half-Life 1 -

Biohazard 1.5 (dead)
Gathering Of The Dead (dead)
Half-Life: Zombie Edition (dead)
Project Makaveli
Resident Evil: Cold Blood (dead)
Resident Evil: Counterstrike (dead)
Resident Evil: Infection (dead)
Resident Evil: Prologue Project
Resident Evil: To Server And Protect (dead)
Resident Half Life (dead)
The Lost Survivor
They Hunger 1-3
Viral (dead)
Zombie Panic!
Zombie Zone (dead)
Zombies (dead)
Zombies! (dead)

- Half-Life 2 -

A Very Zombie Christmas (dead)
Antidote (dead)
Antivirus (dead)
Apocalypse D (dead)
Biohazard x: Source
Brainbread: Source (dead)
Cadaver March (dead)
Code D.E.A.D
Combine Destiny 2
Corpse: The Epidemic (dead)
Crimson Static
Day Of Dead: Source (dead)
Dawn Of The Dead: Source (dead)
Dawn Of Evil
Destination Survival
Dream Evil (dead)
D.E.A.D (dead)
Destination Survival
Dream Evil
Forsaken Few (dead)
GBC: Terrorpolezei (dead)
Grave Matters
God Damned Undead
Hell On Earth
Holywood (dead)
Horror Trap (dead)
KillingSpree: BloodShot
Kill The Zombie (dead)
Last Escape / resident evil 3 (dead)
Left Behind
Life After Dead
Life Force - Zombie Onslaught (dead)
Lulwood Apocalypse
Mark is Apocalypse
Nazi Zombies: Source
Night Of the dead
No More Room In Hell
Omfgzombieslol (dead)
Outbreak: Condemned (dead)
Over-Run (dead)
Project Hunk Chapter One
Project: Resident Evil (dead)
Resident Evil: after½life
Resident Evil: Antidote
Resident Evil Fall of Raccoon City
Resident Evil: Shadows Of Fire (dead)
Resident Evil?: The Villag (dead)
Resident Evil: Twilight
Resident Evil: Underworld
Resident Evil: Zombie Evil (dead)
Silent Panic
Situation Outbreak
Shotgun Sunrise
Stay Alive!
Survival 101
The Apocalypse (dead)
The Bitter End (dead)
The Dead Locality
The_Focus (dead)
The Liging dead (dead)
The Mortewood Plaza
They Hunger: Lost Souls
UBCS (dead)
Umbrella Corporation
Undead Evil Part 1: ALIVE
Undead Shopping Spree
Viral Outbreak
Zombie Adrenaline
Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Chaos
Zombie Co-Op
Zombie Emergence (dead)
Zombie Katana Kill
Zombie Nations (dead)
Zombie Master
Zombie Master: Black Edition
Zombie Master: White Edition
Zombie Panic: Source
Zombie Stress
Zombie Stress 2
Zombie Survival
Zombies: Source

- Land Of The Dead -

Dead Awake (dead)
Dead Epidemic
Dead Reckoning

- Left 4 Dead -

A Grim Tale
Bioh4zard 2
Broken Mirror
Dead Before Dawn
Dead Territory
Emergency Broadcast
Ground Zero
I Hate Mountains
Last Escape
Left 4 Dead Beta
Left 4 Dead - First Blood
Left 4 More
Monster Factory
Seaport Of Shambles
The Spencer Estate

- Max Payne -


- Max Payne 2 -

Absent Grave
Joe Zombie - Maximum Payne (dead)
Zombie Infection

- Men Of war -

Resident Evil: Alternatives Chronicles

- Mount & Blade -

Resident Evil CBK (dead)

- Quake -

Spawn Of The dead

- Quake III Arena -

Death Hollow: Rise of Unknown Forces (dead)

- Soldat -

Soldat Zombie Mod

- Unreal Tournament -

Zombie Killing Grounds

- Unreal tournament 3 -

Quarantine (dead)
Resident Evil: Outbreak Resurrection (dead)
Zombie apocalypse
Zombie hunter (dead)

- Unreal Tournament 2004 -

Blue Moon Rising
Killing Floor
Out Of Hell
Project S.T.U.D (dead)
Resident Evil 3.5 Alternate
Resident Evil: Quarantine (dead)
Zombie Midwest

I've been wondering this for a while now:

What's the point in birthday celebration?

People wait that they turn 18 years old --> alcohol, smoke, cars, etc. Cheers.

Then they start to cry, that they are old, they have small/medium/big hangover often, their car gets stolen/broken, their lungs get screwed up, thanks to smoking.

And the reasons, why others want to "celebrate" with you:

- free lemonade/beer and food.
- they want to give you an illusion, that you are more valuable than poodles that lie beyond of your bed.
(what is more satisfying, than lying to another person?)

People are nice to you on your birthday.
On next day, when you see them and say hello, they tell you to go to hell.

So, what's the point?

How to replace zombie's blood with human's blood (through coding):
Yeah, you can also replace zombie's blood with human's blood, when you simply replace the textures.
Then you can't use zombie blood at all, though. (you might need it some day...)

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