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kellym0 @ Multiplayer Map Pack 2020 by erlNite

really nice maps. well done.

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kellym0 @ Sarajevo (Full map) - v1

is there a version of this map, with less campaign style data, and less unit data restriction?

I'd like to try this map, with for example, the one vision mod, playing as marked of kane. but all my units are ''renegade'' (normal standard nod)

yet if I choose one of the corner bases my units are back to normal (modded)
is there a way to get a hold of this map, with less restrictions on the center player? or with preferably no restrictions of any kind? like a normal map, say the rocktagon (my personal favorite map)

I can't seem to find any other full circle Sarajevo my self.

thanks in advanced.

edit: ok I figured it out, as long as you only use the corner spawns the map behaves like an ordinary skirmish map -- pretty cool map -- I wish the walls wernt so demolished though, they all play death animations, I kinda liked the walls alive, perhaps a version where they are still standing?

the ai seems pretty smart on this map they instinctively flank alot, pretty cool map.

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kellym0 @ Tiberium Essence

Played some more matches, more information about alpha 2.0 -- Nod is definitely the problem of stability -- Playing as mutants vrs gdi I had an hour and a half long match made every mutant unit and tested many many expensive upgrades against a brutal turtle gdi ai. figured id make some comments.

Love the infantry their all great.
I found some bugs with the brutes. they have some funny collision issues with other infantry, which manages to impede their combat effectiveness to a pretty great degree.

I like all the vehicles art wise. Found a bug with the hydra (you mean the looted mrls?) where it could attack across 50% of the map when given vision by say floater war balloons (hilarious but not out of this world) I think they (the mutant war balloons) need to have less health, and 5 infantry inside is too many, and maybe somehow limit the infantry types?

any way I did finally crash the map using the mutant super weapon called the ion cannon, I placed it in the map, but when I left clicked the ability called ''ion cannon'' it laged for a few seconds, then gave me the area of effect circle for the super weapon, I planted it down in the middle of no where with no targets to hit but lots of open space (you know, to test the weapon) and that was followed by 10 seconds of lag a big blueish green effect and then black screened.

hope this informations useful. great mod. love it.

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kellym0 @ TiberiumEssence 2.0 Alpha

I don't comment here often, so let me just begin by saying, this is a top grade level 11 mod.

that being said, 1.6 sure seemed to crash alot less then 2.0 does, I mean, I played alot of 1.6 with friends and land partys and especially in 1v1 as NOD vrs gdi on those really cool really nostalgic tiberium essence maps. I did notice some things could kill your game in 1.6, such as the NOD gate, every time you put it down, it changed to a gdi icon, and then if you raised it up you could crash the game. I notice this doesnt happen any more, so thats cool. 1.6 had a few things like that but not too many.

I got pretty far into one game on 2.0, where I saw one of my banshees crash into vein hole territory and then my game crashed.

I had a cyborg commando fire the super charged projectile attack onto some rifle men who them selves where standing on vein hole and that crashed another one.

I didnt make it far in the next 3 they all crashed within 1 or 2 minutes so I tried the arctic map to see if perhaps vein holes where the problem. that one crashed after about 10 minutes.

I tried another one on that original classic 1v1 map at the top of the list, forget its name, its pretty small. it crashed within 10 seconds.

So I decided to try, one of the 3v3 maps, and I stuck to the original NOD vrs GDI scheme, I didnt use the essence ai, but instead the turtle ai, thinking they might make less units and more buildings so I could atleast do a nice NOD Siege on brutal turtle GDI with maybe a few mammoth tanks to fight at most but that one didnt last long either.

Im very sad I cant seem to play 2.0 I sure hope a ''2.1'' or ''2.2'' comes out real soon lol I am used to playing this game on max graphics -- Should I try turning those down too?

edit: or even... an older version? 1.9? Im willing to try anythng for game stability right now lol

edit2: I've had some more luck with no NOD in the picture if that helps.

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kellym0 @ RaW in game images that the droideka mark II i see back there? =*D

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kellym0 @ because someone asked for it

there are crab droids on that Utopoe or what ever its spelled planet eating clones legs and having to take hella clone blaster shots to the face to finally die, they are smaller and are more proto type looking compared to these ones. these are also in republic commando as bosses, along with multiple other games iv played for the ps2.

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