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I hate...

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All their drivers are full of bugs. I now have spent almost 2 days on fixing driver issues. First I wanted to just update my drivers and it did not work. Tried to uninstall my current driver. Did not work. Tried to nuke it with an uninstaller. Did work. Tried afterwards to install the driver. Did not work. Tried older drivers. Did work but with errors I did not have before. Tried to install my faulty driver which I have installed in the first place on my new system. Did not work anymore either. DAFUQ nvidia?!

The best of it all. They don't care about it. I had the same problems with my old GPU in my notebook. A GT240M. I thought well it's just a small mobile GPU. No wonder all new drivers don't work for it but now I have here my big new rig and I still have the same shitty problems with Nvidia!

Nvidia is like EA just in the hardware branch becoming one of the worst companys ever.
Yes they do have their gold and have awesome hardware but the way they treat their customers ain't good at all.

One thing for sure the next GPU will be definatly from AMD. They might be a tad bit slower and some people say it sucks but I don't want to be dissapointed again by Nvidia!


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...have some party!

(because moddb is way too free of cultural influence)
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I'm back

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I survived new years eve in amsterdam! Hell yeah!

And C&C Untitled also got released successfully...more or less.

Got some bugs but thats what you get for if you make a last-minute release. Nonetheless it feels great to get things done and now another year starts. I like sofar how my skills have improved over the last 2 years. I mean I just started texturing and modelling 2 years ago and if I look at my old renders I always improve. So I am excited to see how far I can push myself this year!

Bring it on!

Photoshop Vector Layers for Idiots.

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I have seen way to many people who can't work properly with Photoshop paths. If you are one of them (of course you will never admit) then these three little pictures will enlighten you.

Click to view... fool.




- Keksz

My Blog

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Hey Guys!
Just wanted to share my blog here. Yes it is in german but maybe you want to take a look at it anyways and look at the pretty pictures :D

It is about my second hobby next to modding - photography. It's not my whole arsenal of photos I have because it's pretty new but it is a basic overview of what I've recently done.

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