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I wrote a 3 comment review of my feelings on the Phantom Menace movie in youtube. I think it summed up my feelings on the subject. The text isn't perfect, since I had to write it in 3 improvised parts due to the youtube comment character count. Enjoy & please share your opinion if you like.

It's not that Phantom Menace is the worst movie of all time it's actually fairly entertaining kids movie, but the fact that the old Star Wars movies I think are good movies on their own even from a cinematic perspective. I think Star Wars (nowadays called the new hope) has one of the best pacing & original storyline of an action scifi movie, not to mention the visuals that makes it look awesome and totally out of this world even nowadays. Where as ep1 (& avatar) look like an CGI animated movie.

And oh some say Star Wars isn't original since it takes ques from old movies and fantasy books. Yes, but at least it doesn't take ques from Disney Channel shows & nascar like the Phantom Menace, making it really feel something stupid instead of a serious narrative movie, the excessive jar jar gags well all gags & race commentary only make it feel like a kids movie/show .

Oh I saw the Phantom Menace at theatres at 1999, and boy was I dissapointed. Even though I was a 10 year old kid, I knew there was something seriously wrong with that movie. Not that it looked bad because by 1999 standards the CGI was great, but the movie just wasn't star wars. I think my father was wierded out by the fact I didn't like that movie, but I always used to watch the original versions of the original as a kid, Like once a week. :P

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