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Mass Effect is hands down one of my favorite games. One of the all time best for sure. This Bioware game doesn't need any introduction, it as epic ass all hell and surprisingly on par or even better than the much acclaimed other Bioware epic Knights of the old republic. In anticipation of the next iteration for Mass Effect series and for the search of better graphics and all n' all better performance. I bought the Mass Effect on PC, even though I already had it for the Xbox360. I usually don't do this, but recently I bought Kotor on steam because the original wouldn't install on Vista (and it was only a few euros).

*I failed a bit click images to see them in full detail..*

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I remembered from my previous play throughs of the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 that Mass Effect was superior although the overall presentation (mostly texture quality) was inferior. But In every other field Mass Effect is better. The progression system is deeper, The more traditional armor/other stuff inventory and equipment is better & deeper, the characters are better although some didn't get as much of a spotlight as they might have deserved. Many of these things I've just stated have been a target of some criticism for this game among with repetition in part of dungeons and the roaming stages. Maybe it's a personal preference but I'd take the more complicated inventory system over just a few guns and 1 friggin armor any day, It's a fucking RPG for christ sake!! Although you might say ME2 is dumbed down (which it is) but very masterfully, I think it's a tree streamlined to an arrow, but an enjoyable arrow (one of my top 10 games and goty for last year).

Then about the "Driving Stages"

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Some dislike these, some loath these, I simply love these. Of course I must confess, while playing the 3rd day these missions I got a little bored due to the fact that I'm a completetionist and I did every single side mission and wanted to find all the resources and that other crap. But honestly these beat the crap off the tedious (& streamlined) Planet scanning in Mass Effect 2. Not only making one of the biggest aspects of space operas like this EXPLORATION totally non-existant it was also one of the most boring things in the game, or should I say in the series.

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Some of these exploration missions from the first game are just beautiful like the Moon and other barren and alien planets. The biggest amazement is the Earth like planets, somehow they didn't put any settlements or roads or something that would have looked awesome to these. Well some have settlements but their very cheaply made, just few barracks or other buildings. Just doubling the number of buildings would have made these stand out more even if the buildings were no more than props. Well maybe the x360 power wouldn't have managed that...

The Moon mission, was awesome. Just a few props like crap left from Apollo missions would have been more awesomer... Still one of the best side mission planets in the game..

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(note the helmets, because its space, why on earth did they fuck that up in Me2?)

The Story and the The Atmosphere.

This game is a master piece in this territory. In one word it's just epic. Even though it has a lot of side missions it manages to be one, awesome, and super coherent piece of Sci-Fi epicness. Not only the story the Score is amazing adding astronomical amounts of depth in to the atmosphere of the game. It's not just when you have a gun and your shooting geth, usually the best stuff is heard when it's calm or the guns go silent for a while. Some times it gets very ominous still retaining it's original sound giving identity to the whole game series. One of the most memorable tunes is the slightly ominous tune (spoiler!! Well like you haven't played the game already) in Ilos the old research planet of the Protheans, while cruising through what look to be like stasis pods everywhere, in a race against time to find the Conduit before Saren. That tune is simplistic yet very effective in creating the mood for that "scene"...

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The Script:

Including this mission in Ilos which includes one of the best "scenes" and plotpoints in this game & gaming history. The other one, probably the most remembered is the Encounter with Sovereing. It is truely awesome. I can't put in words how great these twists are in this game, although some can be predicted the impact on the story of the game is great. This game must have the best script ever among games. And if some one will make a Mass Effect movie, base it on this please!

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Even though I haven't saved praising adjectives. One of the best parts of this game must be the ending. It's super awesome and epic. I might keep the details on this one as a secret just to avoid huge spoilers. And also these pics tell you probably more than my words..

The Battle of The Citadel is beginning..

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Citadel is closing...

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Sovereign and the geth fleet approaching..

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Sovereign closes the citadel and starts to execute his plan..

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When the elevators are shut down...

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Shepard decides to take a detour along the out side of the tower. And we get some sweet ass space combat!

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This is as far as I go (and I have played at this time). But mark my words this game has the single best ending that I can remember. Half-Life and Metal Gear Solid 4 (&3) are also great, but the additional weigth you get from the story leading up to this point with your Shepard makes this even more momentous. If you haven't played this, please do. It isn't as forced as the ending to Mass Effect 2. It's awesome.

If you are an RPG virgin don't be frightened the RPG elements are quite watered down even in this game, but not as much as in ME2 where they are almost just cosmetics. I hope Mass Effect 3 won't turn the game in to a shooter, it would be just stupid. Try it!

PS. It's a shame that the Citadel was so under used in the sequel. In Mass Effect it truely felt like a hub of the Galaxy, it housed the best vendors with the best gear in sale. Also it was a hub to getting some side missions as well. The way it was presented in Mass Effect 2 broke a bit of the immersion forcing to use the quick travel things.

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Of course I forgot to mention the ending to KOTOR, it's sweet as hell ;)

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