Who I am, and what I like to do is quite straightforward. I am an Afrikaans speaking white male, living in South Africa,Gauteng province, Johannesburg. I love reading, anything electronic, camping and the occasional LAN. I do not Facebook, as it consistently robs a person of free time without the person realizing it. Other hobbies include scuba-diving, cooking and gardening. I plan to have a career as a programmer or some other activity within the IT field. The geeky stuff: My favorite games *SIGH* are real-time or turn-based strategy games, and I am an Age of Empires, C&C, and rise of nations fanatic. I love mods and even helped test C&C3 The Forgotten- a mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars. I also enjoyed "dwarf-fortress" an obscene and senselessly complicated game where you control a colony of willful dwarfs who just refuse to follow orders and frustrate the hell out of any player imaginable-Really. Google it, download it- AND LEARN TO PLAY IT, and you will have earned my complete respect.

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Monday 7 may

Greetings readers, I sincerely hope that you enjoy my posts. If you wish me to change my style, tone or way of writing- please post a comment and I will see what I can do. This blog is meant to be read, and therefore, you have a right and a say in how it's to be written. Now, after all the inconsequential and unimportant information has been given through, the update on my life awaits.
My Sunday was slow and boring, with nothing much going on. Sundays are meant to be enjoyed, and in that I failed. Miserably. I can honestly say the I did not enjoy mine, although I would have to tell a lie to say it was terrible. Sunday was just another day, nothing special or relevant happened. The only thing that I can recall of the top off my head, is that we had a new pastor preaching at church. Our old one decided that life in ours wasn't what he wanted most in life- so he just left. We've had a few guest one's preaching to see if we like any and then we plan to "employ " the one that performed the best.
So that just leaves today, and it went far better. Excuse me, and bear with me since I am still in school so my highlight was not getting drunk with a few lesbians or something equally bizarre. It was just an easy day. A relaxed day, a day all children still at school would envy for we all are alike in that way. My schedule consisted of my normal subjects, but I had physics off, did nothing in Afrikaans( our teacher decided that she should enrich us and read literature pieces while we held a picknick, outside) and then we did film study in English. this means that my school-day consisted of nothing strenuous or overly taxing. After school and school activities which ended 16:00 I had fencing practice till 19:00, although it technically started at 17:00. I've also seen this nice trick, follow my command:
LOOK LEFT ===>===>===>===>===>===>====>====> Bet you failed. Some of the best things are corny in essence, I'll write again in two days! Thanx for reading, and remember to comment if you deem it necessary!

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