Who I am, and what I like to do is quite straightforward. I am an Afrikaans speaking white male, living in South Africa,Gauteng province, Johannesburg. I love reading, anything electronic, camping and the occasional LAN. I do not Facebook, as it consistently robs a person of free time without the person realizing it. Other hobbies include scuba-diving, cooking and gardening. I plan to have a career as a programmer or some other activity within the IT field. The geeky stuff: My favorite games *SIGH* are real-time or turn-based strategy games, and I am an Age of Empires, C&C, and rise of nations fanatic. I love mods and even helped test C&C3 The Forgotten- a mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars. I also enjoyed "dwarf-fortress" an obscene and senselessly complicated game where you control a colony of willful dwarfs who just refuse to follow orders and frustrate the hell out of any player imaginable-Really. Google it, download it- AND LEARN TO PLAY IT, and you will have earned my complete respect.

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As promised I am writing another entry today. All in all, I believe that I may be getting the hang of this. My last two days were great, with shortened periods on Friday, and a friend here today. Firstly, Friday. It was a normal school day, filled with the day-to-day routine that one only gets at school or prisons, and would not have been great or especially memorable if not for one lucky fact. Our reports didn't come in, and we should be receiving them later next week as they're late. This may not sound exiting or great, but to me- it's wonderful news. There is a rule my parents have, as long as my marks are above a certain point, I may keep my pc in my room. I may play it on weekends. I may attend parties and the like, but if my marks are below a solid 80, all of this becomes void. I am only human, and thus I fear all that may be my downfall. A bad term-report is exactly that which will bring me to an unavoidable downfall.
The day seemed perfect, until I found out that the whole school was expected to walk the talk(It's an upcoming event in Johannesburg, and means I will have to walk 15km's.) This in itself is fine, since we walk in groups and it's basically just a big social, but the dates are just a bit wrong and ill-placed.
Next, Today. I had to complete my science project, that's just basically the flow of water and how increased pressure in pascal influences it. It's basic, and easy- but the math behind the experiment can be a killer. I had to take the weight of the water, multiply it by the earth's gravitational pull to get the force the water exerts, then divide it by the area at the bottom of my bottle to get the pressure it creates. Simple enough, except that I had to do it per mm instead of per m, then use it in another formula to calculate my flow rate etc.
At least all that's done, so I can relax a bit. Afterword my friend and I played some modern warfare 3, C&C, and just chilled. Wow, it feels good to blow off some steam and just relax, It's like heaven on earth. You know, some music, chips, games and soda is all a person needs to survive in our modern world, between all the hub-hub and stress that always seems to surround work. Anyway, it was great- trust me. That's all for today, I'll write again on monday

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