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The Witcher 3 is announced

Will the next generation, is 20% larger than Skyrim

Developer CD Projekt Red has through next issue of GameInformer
Announced RPG The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

Quotes and scans from the magazine recently appeared on the site NeoGAF, along with a number of interesting facts about the upcoming game. Wild Hunt is the third and final part of an ongoing trilogy and the title plays on one of the most prominent innovations, a Monster Hunter-like mechanism that allows you to acquire knowledge about your goals, and plan properly in advance of the games.

Wild Hunt takes The Witcher series of the sandbox genre, and offers a completely open world to travel to, and which according to CD Projekt Red is going to be over 20% larger than the one in Skyrim, a game that looks to be a source of inspiration for the developer, and 40 times larger than the game world in the Witcher 2 Still loves the zero loading screens along the way, as the game engine RedEngine ensures that the map around the player constantly made ​​clear in advance.

In spite of a more open game setup, double CD Projekt Red footage and history, and will offer about 100 hours of missions in the vast game world. They still do not know for sure what platforms the game is made for, but hope that at least one of the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft will end up on the list eventually. They come back with more information when it pops up.

PThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developed by CD Projekt Red and published
Namco Bandai for an as yet unknown number of platforms. The game will be launched in 2014.
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