Hey there, I'm an amateur mapper and modder who goes by Kaith and Tajarnia. I've created quite a variety of maps, re-skins, textures, etc - most of which never see the internet. I've always had a fascination with computers, and taught myself to program when I was 13 using internet tutorials. These days, most of the work I do on the mod scene is in mapping - something I picked up during a youthful fascination with Morrowind. As of late, I've taken a liking to the Source engine, and have released three maps to the internet. My perfectionism ensures a very long and painful development process, but I've yet to release a poorly-reviewed map so perhaps the tedium is worth it. Thanks for reading about me (you crazy stalker), hope to see you around.

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Shaun V2 is out the door. I've sketched a lot of designs for a mod - wrote out a lot of storyline ideas. I've got a fairly concise vision of what I hope to achieve with it, but I'm not sure I can pull it all off alone. I'm reluctant to recruit any kind of team, so I'm more likely to simply rework ideas and expand my own skills until I'm capable of doing them all on my own. Working title is Revelations which fits the setting and storyline quite well, so I'm rather inclined to keep it.

One resource I am lacking in is time. The real world weighs heavily upon me, so it's unlikely the mod will pick up much momentum until summer.

Signing off until next time, my non-existent audience!

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