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I love this game. I've been looking for such games in ages, where you need to eat, sleep, drink, and other basic need. I can be tough if you don't know how to start out.I hve been playing the demo very much, and now i have bought the full game (I mean Aplha) And i also relly like the combat, because Exampel when you hit an enemie whit an Melee attack, it says down in the information box (Or were all the actions are showed you do) that you bruised his upper stomach, (Or some other bodypart you can hit) its like reading an book because you create your own images of what that happends, it makes more neat. But one thing is for sure I LOVE this GAME. And can't wait to furthere updates :D. (Sorry for the bad English but to who ever reads it would hopefully understand what i mean)(And im not used to make review so it is proboly not that good explained)
And because of the high rating is because that i looove these kind of survival games!

10/10 From jP2809

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