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My last blog where I list almost every game I played ( found here: Moddb.com ) Got me thinking about my past. The other day I found about 5 mp3's from a time I was a drummer in a band. I have quite some fond memories of that time, although our break up ( Me forced out of the band ) was pretty emotional, I can't blame them. I was dating the lead singer and well, it was my fault for screwing up in a way, although I view it differently now. That put aside it just made me realise how fast time comes and goes.

I don't have any regrets, althoug hsometimes I wish I could still be in that band it did make me realise how we all must cherrish the good times we have. So because of that I decided to put up a song, a cover in this case. I hope you'll like it eventhough the quality is shit, it was one of the best times I had in my life. And I say this purely as a musician.

The song is a cover from the Police: Message in a bottle. It was a live recording using a sony camcorder. Yes this was recorded during one of our live performances, quality isn't that good, but screw it. Mind you I never had any lessons and this was before I got some decent skills. I miss my old band and I still have a fond memory to it, although our breakup was mehh. Oh well, atleast I been there, and we had a friggin awesome band.

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Dude, this is pure epicness!!!

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