"The Dark Side of the Force is strong in her. Yet, still her potential does not reach it's full focus. And to do so, she left the Sith and turned to the Jedi, would they help her understand the force a bit more, or will she be on her own? This is the story of a young woman, by the name of Alena who's Destiny is uncertain. Will she be a Noble, Selfless and a hero? Or will she be a villain, consumed by darkness, bitterness and hate?"

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*The Next day, after the discussion between Captain Feray and Jolee. Jolee met with Feray once again, to discuss the planet they were currently heading to.*

"So Feray, how much longer before we get there? *As Jolee walks up the bridge*

"Not much longer, just a few more standard days. This mission better be useful to us on our quest."

"Just don't talk about anything that may contain the Cold War. They will honestly think that we are from the Core Worlds and start shooting us before you can say Dajerik."

"Well atleast were not in the outer rim. Sir, what sort of planet are we heading to?"

"A Smuggler and Pirate, paradise as you may say."

"Great Pirates and Smugglers, what can be better?"

*A comms officer comes running up towards to the bridge were Feray and Jolee stood, looking worried*

"Captain! The War is on, in the known galaxy."

"Well looks like the Mandalorians and Sith finally got what they so wanted. War. It won't be long before they betray eachother." *Captain Feray said, looking unworried* "Are we being followed? Mandalorian tech maybe advanced in weapons, shielding, and armor, but they make an awful lot of racket."

"No Captain, we are not being followed."

"Nothing to worry about, I don't believe. The Galactic Alliance and New Republic can handle themselves from now on."

*The Comms officer returns to their post, and Jolee turns to leave to see Colonel Dacren in the Armory*

"Going to see Dacren?"

"Well I have to keep him imformed on our course." *Jolee said as he smiled. He then continued to walk to towards the elevator*

*Once in the Elevator, he pressed a few buttons quickly and went down to the Armory, where Colonel Dacren was waiting at the entrance of the Elevator*

"What took you so long?" Colonel Dacren said, as Jolee got out of the Elevator

"A small discussion with Captain Feray, about our course." Jolee said as they started to walk down the long hallway

"What is our course? Me and my men are itching to have a fight. And not like that little raid on Thule, we easily managed to pull off, or the battle of Subterrel as we fought those blasted pirates. Do you remember those times?"

"Yes, I do Dacren, though no suprise to you we are heading for a Pirate and Smuggler paradise."

"Another one? We fight enough battles to last two lifetimes, and we go on another long adventure. And guess what, our first stop is a Pirate and Smuggler paradise."Are we going down to the sublevels?"

"No we are not, though I feel we might not have a choice to." Jolee said as they continued to walk down the long hallway

"Well" Dacren said "Atleast we have the 505th, some of the best troopers in the galaxy."

"Thats true Dacren, though I believe we might need more help then just the 505th."

"We, will soon see about that."

*3 standard hours later, Jolee goes to bed, only to here AWAKEN, just a few hours later. He wakes up and finds the ship freezing cold. Something was there, and the power was neitheir good or evil.*

To be Continued....


*A ghost apparition appeared. It was unknown who it was, because it was not strong enough to form in its entire form yet.*

"Who are you? Jolee asks

"I? *said the ghostly apparition* I am but one that goes beyond seeing. You must cast aside your sight, cast aside what you seen and instead reach out with the force in order to see me in my true form."

"I will do as you say, Master." *A word that not had been said since he left the Jedi Order*

*The presence of the being began to grow more powerful, and it had a somewhat familiar voice. Jolee finally began to see using the force, what the apparition was.*

"I go by many names, exile. Though few know me. I walked the halls of Malachor, only to see its end as a planet thousands of years ago."

"Then you know that Malachor has been rebuilt?"

"Yes, it has but its not the same as before, that young.... Sith is not very knowlegable about these things. The force did pull Malachor back together and it was of the Darkside. But it was done by a being, of the true Sith, the Darkside does not push things back together on its own."

"Well that young Sith believes so."

"Ah yes, he believes so, but his knowledge of the force no matter what he claims is still limited. The mandalorians in the known galaxy you face today, are..... different. They are different in a way that they now accept the force as a dignity.

*The force apparition begins to solidify, and becomes even more real*

"I am once again, returning to life young, exile. It was as I remember thousands of years ago. Another young Jedi was exiled and found a new purpose. The one who destroyed Malachor V with the Mass shadow generator. I am here to help you on your quest, again you will have the same teacher Exile."

*The apparition solidifies and their in the hallway stood Kriea.*

"I am Kriea as I remember it. When Malachor V was rebuilt my apparition was still there waiting. I then took in the force. Even though I hate it. Times have changed me now. When this journey is over, I will tell you the story of my journey and the Exiles."

"There is now a new Lord of Betrayal, Exile. It is not me. The one you hate, the one you despise sits on the Dark Throne now. However I see much potential in you. You have seen it, once again, this time you caused another wound in the force. Not as great as the first, but still a wound that will remain open for years."

"What am I to do then Kriea?"

"You already know where we must go. Sith led by another former darklord are relearning the paths of what the original Sith Assassins took. They are relearning the lesson of Malachor. The Shadow war is returning again. And our journey shall be a long one. Too long has the Lord of Hunger retained himmself in the Unknown Regions. Too long has he remained unchallanged. He is more of a hole in the force then flesh. He will return and attempt to destroy all life in the galaxy."

This Story as I said, is personal and will not affect the RP very much unless I start bringing the characters out which most people would dislike. So yah, there you go. Hints that once again Kreia the master manipulator and the true Darth Traya will probably die at the end or that I will stay forever in the Unknown Regions. Also you may have noticed that later in the future that I will create the KOTOR 2 story.


Not bad... reminds me that I need to start writing again...

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Fenris58 Author

I still havn't decided which sith lords will be returning in my story. Oh well, we will see soon enough. And people better not criticize me if I bring in a few things from KOTOR. For sure Darth Nihilius will make a major comback, i'm still not sure if he will be the main enemy.

Kreia will be mentioned at times. So will Darth Sion, Revan and the Exile and alot more. Might even add a few things from the new MMO SWTOR.

So yah the story is mainly based on having to finally quell what remains of the KOTOR series.

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I've already got references to KotOR in my story, some more subtle than others, but one that should explain SOME stuff at the very least... the main villain in my story has a holocron belonging to one of the greatest Sith Lords of the KotOR era ^_^

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Fenris58 Author

Can't wait to read it :D, anyway i'll make bigger blogs then the first two.

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Fenris58 Author


Well, heres the thought that came to me. I was thinking why is Darth Nihilius making a return. Shouldn't more characters make a comeback from KOTOR. Of course the reconstuction of Malachor V made a perfect fit into this story and the return of Kreia. Kreia as explained was russerrected mainly because her spirit was still around on Malachor. When it finally started to come back together, she used the force to regenerate, which made her live again.

Why make Kreia return? Kreia will make the fundemental part of the story and once again return to the role of teacher, teaching the new exile. Who created a wound in the force during the second battle of Malachor V. This wound is not as great as the first, but it still has a profound affect on all life in the galaxy. Eithier way, she will be her usual self. Criticizing and given guidance. She still has major hatred for droids, and machines. She hates the force still, but will not reveal anything untill the end.

Another thing that will return is that she will return as the master manipulator.

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"Young Sith" >.<. Note I actually did imagine a being rebuilding Malachor V, I imagined Malachor V was a living entity in the Force of pure Darkness. So go tell Kreia to get her facts straight xD.

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