"The Dark Side of the Force is strong in her. Yet, still her potential does not reach it's full focus. And to do so, she left the Sith and turned to the Jedi, would they help her understand the force a bit more, or will she be on her own? This is the story of a young woman, by the name of Alena who's Destiny is uncertain. Will she be a Noble, Selfless and a hero? Or will she be a villain, consumed by darkness, bitterness and hate?"

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I am no longer Chancellor of the New Republic, I have transferred it via message to Mace. Now I drift alone in the unknown regions once again. The defeat of the Gray Jedi weighs heavily on everyone. This has drawn tensions even closer towards war. Blood was washed upon the planet of Malachor V. I will not return for quite some time. Though as I said, I will update you on my journeys. This will be seen as a long and lengthy report through out time. I fear the Sith and Mandalorians will destroy peace and wipe out everything in their path untill they themselves are at eachothers throats. May the Force be with the Jedi, Galactic Alliance, and New Republic during these extreme times.

"The path to the Darkside is an empty road from which few ever return. The rest never reach their destination."-Joleebindo54

The Storyline of Joleebindo and his fleet, will now be written as a complete and perhaps personal storyline. If others want to join, it then leave a post or PM me. People in the RP will be mentioned some times, mainly by discussion between the main characters. As I said, others may join in if they wish.

The story line, will act more like a KOTOR game, where you can only take 2 campainions out of the ship at the most, or go at it alone. The story will have two very different endings one light, the other dark. It depends, on what sort of choices me and my campanions make during the quest. It is unknown which ending will be considered "Cannon".

Main characters So Far:

Joleebindo is the Commander, skilled in the arts of lightsaber combat, and rarely ever seen in combat. He is considered wise, but many believe him to be foolish much of the time for mainly following Kreia's teachings. His skills are to be pushed beyond the limit on this long and dangerous quest, to destroy a power that has been building up for thousands of years. His powers over the force, are unknown. He uses both the light and dark. Though he is considered more Gray, he leans more towards the light. Make him extremely angry however, and you will find your self being force chocked and looking more at a Sith Lord. He is a Jedi Consular.

Feray is the main captain of the fleet and takes commands from the Commander himmself, he's very loyal and trusting. He has been trained to resist some force techniques. He continously trains himmself so that he may be tougher in a fire fight. His power over the force is limited, and mainly due to crisis in the New Republic. Jolee has not had time to finish his training. Perhaps, now on this quest, his training to be a full fledged force user can be finished. He is a Soldier.

Dacren is the Colonel of the elite 505th battalion. He and his men are usually found in the Armory portion of the ship. He is considered a full hardy human, and only obeys Jolee. Confrontations often arise between Captain Feray, and Colonel Dacren espicially when their both on the bridge. The two dislike eachother considerably. He is a Scout.

And finally a damaged droid, which needs some parts. During, this quest Jolee hopes to find those parts and reactivate the droid.

Star Wars

The Grave Threat

The Crew of the Gray Shadow, are in hyperspace, after leaving a terrible battle over Malachor V. Jolee the Commander soon reveals the true reason of the return to the Unknown Regions.

The ship is heading for the Unknown Regions to fight a power that has been on the rise for thousands of years. If it returns out of Unknown Space, it would threaten to break the galaxy apart, and destroy all life.

Now Jolee and his crew must face, the ultimate threat to save the galaxy. Even with the power of the force on their side. It may not be enough...

*Captain Feray meets with Jolee on the bridge. As they continue through hyperspace.*

"Commander, where are we headed to this time? Are we once again heading for the last remnants of the unknown regions? Or do we leave the galaxy?"

"Captain Feray, you know exactly where we are going. We are on a dangerous mission, that we should have done, years ago. We were extremely stupid, to return after the Yuuzhan Vong War. We should have known this from the very beginning. The Sith always betray their allies. Its in their nature. They learned it well."

*A pilot gets up from her chair and heads over to Feray and Jolee*

"Sir the fleet is in hyperspace, but whats our destination?"

"I have plugged in all coordinates for the Unknown Regions, before the Battle of Malachor V, I figured that the Sith Lord Ten would betray us as he has always done. Though, it does not matter where we go, all paths will take us to the same destination."


"We are once again on another long journey. Something is out there, only the known galaxy does not know. Another is returning, from the deep past. A power that has not been seen for thousands of years. The galaxy has again forgotten it. Now we must stop it, from arising again."

*The Pilot returns to her seat at one of the controlls. Captain Feray turns to look out the wide view window into deep space*

"But what is it commander?"

"I do not know, but it feeds on life. I felt the presence before, and it seems the Dark Lord during his journeys eitheir did not catch sight of it or he did not care for it. We must be vigilant, others may have laid traps out here."

"I do not like this Commander, the Prisive was destroyed during the battle, what can the Gray Shadow do, besides destroy a few star destroyers?"

*Jolee walks up, and stands near Feray*

*First, we need to rename the ship, again so we don't attract to much attention. Even the locals out here have heard of us, and that may not be a good thing."

"What will it be called now, commander?"

"It shall be known as the Liberator."

"A fine name Commander."

"So when that droid be finished, so he can be taken off my bridge?"

"In due time Feray, we still need to find the parts, but the droid has been cleaned up."

"Well the sooner, the better Commander, it will be one less thing off my bridge, once we find the parts."

To Be Continued..... Tommorow :D

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