"The Dark Side of the Force is strong in her. Yet, still her potential does not reach it's full focus. And to do so, she left the Sith and turned to the Jedi, would they help her understand the force a bit more, or will she be on her own? This is the story of a young woman, by the name of Alena who's Destiny is uncertain. Will she be a Noble, Selfless and a hero? Or will she be a villain, consumed by darkness, bitterness and hate?"

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Pearl Harbor was one of the worst tragedies in U.S. history. It changed how America viewed the world. It changed this "Sleeping Giant" into the world's most powerful super power. It changed the entire outcome of the Second World War.

Pearl Harbor was a base in Hawaii, where the main U.S. fleet was stationed. On December 7th, Japanese fighters and bombers began attacking Pearl Harbor. Casualties were high, upwards of 2,400 Americans were killed and another 1,282 were wounded. The Battleship Arizona was sunk carrying with her more than a thousand men. Nearly 200 aircraft were destroyed, most never made it off the ground.

What is astonishing is that very few ships actually sank during the bombing runs by the Japanese. The Japanese midget submarines did very little damage either. All of them would sink to the bottom of the harbor by the end of the day. The next day President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his famous Infamy speech to congress. The speech was less than seven minutes and within an hour congress authorized a declaration of war on Japan.

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