"The Dark Side of the Force is strong in her. Yet, still her potential does not reach it's full focus. And to do so, she left the Sith and turned to the Jedi, would they help her understand the force a bit more, or will she be on her own? This is the story of a young woman, by the name of Alena who's Destiny is uncertain. Will she be a Noble, Selfless and a hero? Or will she be a villain, consumed by darkness, bitterness and hate?"

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Alena's Story Arc

Fenris58 Blog

Alena's story will be posted here in the near future. This is probably the first time, I have written a full section of history of a character. It will bring her completely up to date with not only her attitude, her life in general, but also events. The events she's in that take place during "The Peaceful" Star Wars decade will be explained as well.

Chapter 1 (Can and will be edited)

Alena, a Sith of great power. She is unusual of age, being that of only 25. She is more mature then those of her age group. She is said to be smart, dazzling, and elegant in battle. Yet fierce and determined, she holds nothing back, no regrets, no mocking, no nothing, it's you live or you die, yet still she holds some sense of nobility. She will spare those who need to live, if she wins in a duel. Her power of the force is still limited. Her power still far below that of Lord Kairn. She aspires to reach his level, to hold such power under her whelm and promising to never foolishly give it away to someone such as Aaron Karax, the man known for becoming a Force demi-god.

Romance, hmph, there is no love. Not when you are in battle, not when you feel the rush of lives around you, the deaths of many cloud such thoughts. She holds no love, besides for her parents, and they had disappeared years before. They left without a trace, and only she knows of their home. She holds no emotional turmoil, she takes care of the things she needs to do, and that is all. Nothing can hold her back from releasing her inner rage filled with hate and anger. She holds other emotions as well besides that of anger and hate, but she prefers to hide them.

Anger can consume her, whether or not she is talking or fighting. They are sporadic, and can occur simultaneously and sometimes occur without reason.

And this is where the Story begins, Alena was with the Sith Order on Malachor. The stalemate between the Empire and Federation was worrying. The Kinyen crisis had yet to be resolved, even after a year.

"Alena," called her master

Alena heard and woke from her meditation and began to walk to her master..
"Yes, my lord?" she asked when she arrived by his side.

"I'm sending you on a mission to the Federation. You are to gather intelligence upon Federation troop movements. Do not let your self be seen by the Jedi." he answered as he turned toward her. "Do I make myself clear?"

Alena nodded, and answered "Clear," with a cold voice. Her master didn't seem to mind that cold voice she gave him.

This is only the small beginning portion of chapter 1. More to come.

It was a Dark night on the streets of Traskave, as a man walked down the cold hard road to his apartment building which lay just 2 blocks away. As he walked, he began to feel as if he was being watched. He stopped and looked around for a few minutes making sure no one was near him. There was nothing. He then heard it. A foot step so loud that it echoed down the entire street.

The startled and now very frightened man looked around once again. Still he saw no one. Once again footsteps were heard. This time much closer and closing in on him. He began to panic as he saw no one down either sides of the street, the foot steps were growing incredibly loud and began to sound as if a hammer were hitting the side walk. The man began to run. And he ran for his life to the other end of the street.

And that is where he was killed by something rather mysterious. His body was dragged down a back alley covered in blood by an unknown force. And so it began the terrifying bloody murders of Traskave. Blood was spilled nearly on a daily basis leaving thousands frightened in their homes, afraid to go out at night or even during the day. So begins a story of a famous detective and his attempts to quell these horrifying murders.

Detective Buron was sitting in his office, looking over file papers requesting his help on cases in which he determined, presented no challenges for him. Of course he would tell the police at the police station of what to do. They followed his every instruction, and had always caught their man or a woman who was the wrong doer. But today was a special day. A blue package with a pink ribbon on top came in the mail addressed to him. He began to open it, but before he could a pungent smell came from the package.

It startled him, but he continued to open the box, curious to know what it was. When he finally got the package unwrapped, the thing inside it startled and frightened him beyond belief, it almost made him vomit. Inside was part of a stomach, surgically removed with complete precision. On top was a fancy red note. It read: Dear, Detective Buron as you can see I have given you part of a stomach. I took it off from my first victim, which I assure you won't be the last. I ate the other half of the stomach, and it was quite good. Personally I practically want a challenge from the start, and so I came to you. Do you have what it takes to catch me? Signed Sever

"This is very disturbing." said Detective Buron as he continued to gaze from both the note to the severed stomach part. He got up from his seat and went to look out the window. People were walking down the street as if it was any normal day. But it wasn't, at least not for him. He had a case to begin, and he did not know exactly where to start until he looked at the back of the note, which was a map to the first victim. "Seems the killer wants to give me a big first step forward." as he said this, he took his coat from the hanger and put it on. He rushed down stairs and he was out of the house heading straight for the crime scene.

"Move it. Move, it." the policeman yelled to the crowd of onlookers and media. "We don't want anyone contaminating any of the evidence we have here. Now Go!" the police man's voice was harsh, and the onlookers did leave. Except for the media, who kept trying to push through the barricade. Soon Detective Buron was at the crime scene, and was let in. The police always let him into any cases that intrigued him.

"So, Captain Travis, what do we have here?" said Buron as he approached his old friend. "From the looks of it Buron, it appears as if the victim was stabbed multiple times. Several times in the chest another at the back of the neck and finally, another near the intestines. Of course, I'm no docter." said Captain Travis. "Of course you're not a docter!" said a docter from nearby; he began to walk over to them. "You hardly qualify to be a nurse!"

"Oh; great." Said; Travis. "It's that docter again."

"What's so wrong about this docter?" asked Buron.

"Many, things." said Captain Travis. "Including, his taste for cults. He says that cults share secrets from the heavens above, and their leaders guide us and take orders from a supernatural being. I don't believe in it, but sometimes the stories he tells are fascinating.

The docter finally approaches the pair. "So, captain would you like me to train you to become a doctor, or a much more handiful nurse? Eh, what do we have here?" said the docter. "Ah, yes Detective Buran how nice to meet you finally. Captain Travis, has told me all about you and your famous stories of being a detective. I'm sorry I didn't properly introduce myself. My name is Darin, Darin Corp. As you can see I'm a docter of fine arts and am always of service to police and detectives alike. Is there anything I can do for you today, my dear sir?

"Ignoring, the docter's sly remark on how he knew him, Buron began to ask the docter questions.

"What killed this man, docter?" "Of course the stab wounds, detective. We have little reason to believe anything else could have killed him. Is there anything else?" said the docter.

"No nothing else at the moment. Though, I do suggest that you take this man in for an autopsy, perhaps we can learn more there?"

"Ah, yes brilliant detective! Brilliant! I almost forgot about an autopsy. I have not done one for so long, that it just slips my mind every now and then." yelled the docter.

"Don't forget this time then, an autopsy I believe is crucial to this investigation." said Buron.

Buron then turned back to Captain Travis. "Captain Travis, have your men discovered anything from the local residents or any suspicious items nearby?"

"The residents heard something on the street. One said it sounded like a common scuffle between rival gangs. The residents do say there is a lot of gang violence in this part of town. The police here are powerless and already have their hands full snatching up a criminal, that's why we were called in, to come down here." said Captain Travis.

"Well that explains a lot. Anyway, I am going to have a look around and ask some of the locals if you don't mind captain." said Buron"Its fine with me, just don't get into any trouble with any of the gangs." answered Travis "I would hate to try to bail you out of this neighborhood.

"Detective Buron began to search around for any clues around the crime scene. The blood that had trailed all the way to the backalley had been cleaned up. "These police. Idiots! All over this city, police are just Idiots!" Yelled Buron; loud enough for only him to hear though. "Clearing out evidence before detectives such as myself can get to them! And now i'm stuck with broken fragments of a very large puzzle, which could claim more lives!"

Then he heard it and came running back to Captain Travis as fast as he could. "Captain! Captain!" Came running, a police officer. "Captain, there's been another murder, just a couple blocks away! "Detective Buron head to the next crime scene, we will meet you there, and hurry!" said Travis "Where is next the crime scene?" Buron asked the policemen. "This Way!" he said and they began to run to the next crime scene. Within 6 minutes they reached their destination.

"So, this is it?" asked Buron as they walked down the street finding and following a trail of blood to a sewer. "This is it." said the officer "The body is still down there, as far as I can smell it."

"While, we wait for the sewer team to arrive, I'm going to go around the neighborhood and ask the locals a few questions." said Buron "Would, you like any help sir?" asked the officer. "No, not right now anyway." answered Buron

Buron went around the entire street but either the residents were too afraid, hiding something or simply did not care for the crime that had taken place right in front of their homes. Buron then came back and continued to wait with officer until the sewer team arrived.

The sewer team soon arrives and lifts the man hole. They begin lowering a few people down into the sewer and lift up a mutilated body. The person was unrecognizable; his flesh wounds so deep that even his bones were scarred. His face was rigid with cuts from what looked like a very sharp knife. His clothing was torn and all along his body had multiple stab wounds. His stomach was cut open with complete precision.

"Look at this." Said Buron to the officer"What is it?" asked the officer"The stomach has been cut open with precise precision. We now know that whoever did these two murders has some medical training in their background. We can't ignore this, this is a major find." Said Buron"The doctor along with the rest of the team should be coming around soon. Oh, wait I think I see them now." Pointing his finger down the other side of the street "I think that's them."

Buron looked where the officer was pointing; there was something down the street a single figure walking down it clumsily as if drunk. A chill went up Burons spine as he continued to stare at the figure. Its movements did not match up with reality. It seemed like the figure was distorting the natural world of things. "I don't think that's them." Said Buron

All of a sudden the figure vanishes into thin air only to reappear a few minutes later even closer to them. Very close to them still walking clumsily down the path on the street, a car turns on to the street and right before Burons' and the officers eyes the car passes right through the figure as if it didn't exist. The figure is still walking as if nothing happened to it. And it was heading straight for them.

Buron and the officer just stood there in shock at the figure. Having seen the car whiz right through it, and now the figure was heading in their direction. Up closer it came, and Buron was finally able to make it what the figure was wearing. The figure from what Buron could tell was wearing a hood and a cloak. It had blood on its sleeves, not dry but not wet either. It was in a transparent state. It carried a scythe in its left hand and in the right something like a book. It stopped and began to speak in an unknown tongue and then hissed at the two men.

"Who are you? What do you want?" asked the officer in a very weak and frightened voice.The figure gave out a laugh and said in a deep dark voice "I have come, I have come. Death is in the air, and you both shall receive your fair share of it soon. There will be little comfort for you or you" the figure raised its hands and pointed at Buron. Its finger nails were long and sharp. "I sense fear from you. For I am Death and have come to collect every ones souls as they die in pain and total terror."

The figure gave out a malevolent laugh and quickly began to vanish from sight. The two men just stood there speechless on what had occurred. Where the figure was supposed to be there was now nothing. Was it all a dream? Nothing made sense anymore to Buron or the officer. They looked back up at and saw people coming down the street. It was the police team along with the doctor. Captain Travis was leading them in an orderly fashion. He wanted to look professional and knew any slip ups from any of his men would discredit them as being a strong police force.

"So, I never caught your name, young man." Said Buron turning to look at the officer

"It's Enrique. Enrique Fuentes." Said the officer

Pearl Harbor

Fenris58 Blog

Pearl Harbor was one of the worst tragedies in U.S. history. It changed how America viewed the world. It changed this "Sleeping Giant" into the world's most powerful super power. It changed the entire outcome of the Second World War.

Pearl Harbor was a base in Hawaii, where the main U.S. fleet was stationed. On December 7th, Japanese fighters and bombers began attacking Pearl Harbor. Casualties were high, upwards of 2,400 Americans were killed and another 1,282 were wounded. The Battleship Arizona was sunk carrying with her more than a thousand men. Nearly 200 aircraft were destroyed, most never made it off the ground.

What is astonishing is that very few ships actually sank during the bombing runs by the Japanese. The Japanese midget submarines did very little damage either. All of them would sink to the bottom of the harbor by the end of the day. The next day President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his famous Infamy speech to congress. The speech was less than seven minutes and within an hour congress authorized a declaration of war on Japan.

War in Europe

Fenris58 Blog

The year is 1528 and Spanish Emperor Fernando Vasquez De Valois has sent troops towards the French town of Marseille. He knows if this town falls, Spain will be given immedeate control of the Mediterranean Sea. As the Spanish troops near the city, cannon fire opens upon them. The cannons unleash a terrible barrage, killing well over a hundred men. Blood sprays the field, as mens flesh falls.

However the army continues the advance, and soon even under heavy cannon fire reaches the narrow streets of the town. The French lay in the back alley ways that line the streets waiting in the dark to launch a massive suprise attack upon their foe...

The War had begun due to claims of succession to the thrown of the renowned French Empire. France had conquered the low countries, Northern half of Italy, begun to take over Canada and Florida, and was now enroaching in on the Holy Roman Empire. However the late king, King Charles De Valois died at the ripe old age of 69. With a weak heir on the throne, Spain saw its chance to combine the two countries into one. The Spanish monarchy having countlessly intermarriaged and had had an alliance with the French crown since late 1399 laid claim to the French throne.

Spain had grown enormously in power. In 1401, they retook Grenada from the Muslims and the people returned to the faith of christianity. Later in 1425 Aragon, Spain's (or Castille during this time period) next door neighbor invaded France. France asked Castille to fufill her obligations of the alliance. Castille followed suit and invaded Aragon with a tremendous force of 50,000 men. The Aragonese army was forced to withdrawl from the invasion of France. The French followed and began the invasion of Navara. Led by General Enrique Fuentes, the Castillian army fought bravely crushing the Aragonese force of 43,000 at Valencia.

With this massive defeat at hand, Aragon surrendered and was annexed by Castille. France took Navara as its trophy. Castille later adopted the name of Spain and in 1451 began a massive crusade against the muslims in Africa. Morroco was the first to fall in the middle of spring 1451. North-West Africa fell within two decades of constant war with both Spain and Naples. Naples took Tunisia, and Spain took Morroco and Algeria. Afterwards Spain experienced years of peace, all the way up to the current invasion of France.

Back to the Battle:

The Spanish troops begin entering into the town, within ten minutes, the French troops unleash their suprise attack. They catch the spanish troops off guard killing close to 200 hundred of them within a few minutes. However the french troops are pushed back mainly due to low numbers. They fell back into hiding. The Spanish were to be a bit more cautious in their approach into the center of town.

While the Spanish army continued to enter the town of Marseille, another Spanish army of 15,000 led by General Francis Marcos was heading deep up north towards Orléans. A French army of 12,000 led by General Aldrick Verana marched to meet them.

Galactic Alliance Text Entry Proposed:

The Galactic Alliance has neared collapse. The Galaxy is in chaos and the Silentium contiue to make their way to the Core Worlds. Sith Lords from a different galaxy are also now enroaching in on Galactic Alliance territory. Will the Galaxy held together by the now fragile government Survive or will it finally collapse into Darkness?...

New Galactic Republic or New Republic Text Entry Approved:

New Republic force have been scattered across the galaxy. As attack after attack by the Silentium thins their numbers. New hope rises with the election of a new Chancellor. Will the new Chancellor be able to gather up the remains of the New Republic, or will the Silentium bring about their final Destruction?...

New Sith Order Text Entry RoughDraft:

The New Sith Order has captured the Core Worlds. The Galactic Alliance is on the run, nothing can stop the Sith now except for one thing. The Silentium continue their march to the Core Worlds, destroying any fleet that gets in their way. Will the Sith be able to hold on to the newly captured Core Worlds or will they face certain Defeat?...

Mercenary Text Entry RoughDraft:

The Mercenaries, are looking for jobs across the galaxy, some turning pirate others joining factions including the extragalactic species of the Silentium. Bestine is currently the main supplier of Mercenary ships. We shall see if it can hold off the silentium when ever the time comes or make a deal with the Silentium...


Fenris58 Blog 1 comment

I am now officialy stating my return to the Star Wars RP.

So far this is what has happened since I have returned. Kuat became independent from the GA and attacked the GA held world of Alderran (Battle specifics are classified). Kuat was pushed back and now the GA is attacking Kuat. The CAAF of NGR, Mace rushed in to help Jester and Kuat's defense. A debate assumed over the validity of the action. NGR forces are now poised to retreat for no shots have been fired.

Later the same day. A massive debate assumed on Belovia between Me, the Commanders, and Mace. The debate raised tensions higher then they were in recent days in the room. Mace tried to demote Kamikaze for stating his opinions. It was just enough there to see Mace would not compromise with anyone as long as he was CAAF. I threatened to remove him as CAAF, then things turned a little ugly. Mace ignited his lightsaber but I activated a Ray Shield trapping him where he stood. His personal battalion the 502nd arrived at the building. Just a few minutes later however 3 battalions of NGR troops surrounded the 502nd. Negotiations took place inside and Mace was eventually set free however he is now banned from NGR space for his "Hostile Negotiations".

I know half of this is written in the New Republic News, but here you go a summary of the events that took place.

Changed the titles, since yah thats the name of the story.

*The Protector and Diverse, two modified Hammerheads jump out of hyperspace near the Exocron System. They seemed to be searching for something, an hour later, they jump back into hyperspace.*

*A strange sense, came towards Jolee as he walked across the ship. Eyes following him in where ever he walked. Finally he heard it a crew member said "The Exile is here, we should be more quiet."*

"Exile, Exile..." Jolee kept repeating to himmself as he walked around the ship to the bridge.

"Am I truly an Exile?" Jolee asked himmself comtemplating the entire mess he was in now

What he did not expect, was that Kreia manipulated the whole crew, telling everyone to refer to him as an exile. Now something else was stirring across the ship. The new Exile would have to flee.

"Exile." Kreia said

"Exile, why are you walking the halls of this ship, we should be fleeing now towards the hanger? The whole ship is turning on you. And we must be quick. For our prescence here is no longer wanted."

"What is going on?"

"There is no time to explain, when we are safe, I shall explain everything. But for now you are in mortal danger on this ship."

"Fine, I will go and flee this ship. Which hanger?"

"Eitheir one, we must take a frieghter and hope we are not shot into space dust as we attempt to flee."

*And so the Exile and Kreia start running towards the northwest hanger bay. They are soon caught up by Captain Feray and Colonel Dacren who offer to help them retreat. For they fear, the ship was no longer safe for themselves. The 505th had already retreated in most of the frieghters, and were still loyal. They continue to run to the hanger but are again stopped in their tracks by a small squad of soldiers. Not a word was spoken and they began to open fire upon them. Jolee reached for his lightsaber and ignited it, and jumping into the middle of the fight. He ran up to the soldiers and slaughtered them quickly and utterly. They quickly moved forward to the hanger, where the last freighter remained. They got onboard and Feray ignited the engines, and blasted away from the ship. The warship now began to fire on the helpless freighter which took several hits before it finally jumped into hyperspace.

*The result was a successful escape. Just before the jump however, they noticed the ship was being overlaped in darkness. They soon realize it was the Lord of Hunger seizing control of the vessel for his own personal command. Luckily they had escaped, for they did not have the power to challenge him directly. His time would come, soon enough.

The Exile, continued to stare out the window in the passengers seat. It would be a long ride.
He finally asked Feray on the whereabouts of the two Hammerhead cruisers that were sent out to Exocron.

"Commander, they have recieved reports that not all is going well in the galaxy. The New Republic has withdrawn out of the Galactic Alliance, the Mandalorians and GA are both under the attack by pirates from the Outer Rim. The GA beat back their pirate attacks still no word from the mandalorian news network though."

"Commander if I may ask, where are we going?"

"It does not matter the location Feray, but the journey that one is on that we continously test ourselves. We will learn our destination soon enough." The Exile got up to look at the Navicomputer and to select their destination.

*Kreia came walking in.

"Exile, there is an abondoned droid upon this ship in the Cargo Hold. I think you should take a look at it."

"Will do Kreia."

*The Exile found the droid in the Cargo Hold. It looked dead, beat up and such. No one knew if it was voice activated or not."

"Well, now theres 2 broken droids that I have to repair now." the Exile said

To be Continued....

*The Next day, after the discussion between Captain Feray and Jolee. Jolee met with Feray once again, to discuss the planet they were currently heading to.*

"So Feray, how much longer before we get there? *As Jolee walks up the bridge*

"Not much longer, just a few more standard days. This mission better be useful to us on our quest."

"Just don't talk about anything that may contain the Cold War. They will honestly think that we are from the Core Worlds and start shooting us before you can say Dajerik."

"Well atleast were not in the outer rim. Sir, what sort of planet are we heading to?"

"A Smuggler and Pirate, paradise as you may say."

"Great Pirates and Smugglers, what can be better?"

*A comms officer comes running up towards to the bridge were Feray and Jolee stood, looking worried*

"Captain! The War is on, in the known galaxy."

"Well looks like the Mandalorians and Sith finally got what they so wanted. War. It won't be long before they betray eachother." *Captain Feray said, looking unworried* "Are we being followed? Mandalorian tech maybe advanced in weapons, shielding, and armor, but they make an awful lot of racket."

"No Captain, we are not being followed."

"Nothing to worry about, I don't believe. The Galactic Alliance and New Republic can handle themselves from now on."

*The Comms officer returns to their post, and Jolee turns to leave to see Colonel Dacren in the Armory*

"Going to see Dacren?"

"Well I have to keep him imformed on our course." *Jolee said as he smiled. He then continued to walk to towards the elevator*

*Once in the Elevator, he pressed a few buttons quickly and went down to the Armory, where Colonel Dacren was waiting at the entrance of the Elevator*

"What took you so long?" Colonel Dacren said, as Jolee got out of the Elevator

"A small discussion with Captain Feray, about our course." Jolee said as they started to walk down the long hallway

"What is our course? Me and my men are itching to have a fight. And not like that little raid on Thule, we easily managed to pull off, or the battle of Subterrel as we fought those blasted pirates. Do you remember those times?"

"Yes, I do Dacren, though no suprise to you we are heading for a Pirate and Smuggler paradise."

"Another one? We fight enough battles to last two lifetimes, and we go on another long adventure. And guess what, our first stop is a Pirate and Smuggler paradise."Are we going down to the sublevels?"

"No we are not, though I feel we might not have a choice to." Jolee said as they continued to walk down the long hallway

"Well" Dacren said "Atleast we have the 505th, some of the best troopers in the galaxy."

"Thats true Dacren, though I believe we might need more help then just the 505th."

"We, will soon see about that."

*3 standard hours later, Jolee goes to bed, only to here AWAKEN, just a few hours later. He wakes up and finds the ship freezing cold. Something was there, and the power was neitheir good or evil.*

To be Continued....


*A ghost apparition appeared. It was unknown who it was, because it was not strong enough to form in its entire form yet.*

"Who are you? Jolee asks

"I? *said the ghostly apparition* I am but one that goes beyond seeing. You must cast aside your sight, cast aside what you seen and instead reach out with the force in order to see me in my true form."

"I will do as you say, Master." *A word that not had been said since he left the Jedi Order*

*The presence of the being began to grow more powerful, and it had a somewhat familiar voice. Jolee finally began to see using the force, what the apparition was.*

"I go by many names, exile. Though few know me. I walked the halls of Malachor, only to see its end as a planet thousands of years ago."

"Then you know that Malachor has been rebuilt?"

"Yes, it has but its not the same as before, that young.... Sith is not very knowlegable about these things. The force did pull Malachor back together and it was of the Darkside. But it was done by a being, of the true Sith, the Darkside does not push things back together on its own."

"Well that young Sith believes so."

"Ah yes, he believes so, but his knowledge of the force no matter what he claims is still limited. The mandalorians in the known galaxy you face today, are..... different. They are different in a way that they now accept the force as a dignity.

*The force apparition begins to solidify, and becomes even more real*

"I am once again, returning to life young, exile. It was as I remember thousands of years ago. Another young Jedi was exiled and found a new purpose. The one who destroyed Malachor V with the Mass shadow generator. I am here to help you on your quest, again you will have the same teacher Exile."

*The apparition solidifies and their in the hallway stood Kriea.*

"I am Kriea as I remember it. When Malachor V was rebuilt my apparition was still there waiting. I then took in the force. Even though I hate it. Times have changed me now. When this journey is over, I will tell you the story of my journey and the Exiles."

"There is now a new Lord of Betrayal, Exile. It is not me. The one you hate, the one you despise sits on the Dark Throne now. However I see much potential in you. You have seen it, once again, this time you caused another wound in the force. Not as great as the first, but still a wound that will remain open for years."

"What am I to do then Kriea?"

"You already know where we must go. Sith led by another former darklord are relearning the paths of what the original Sith Assassins took. They are relearning the lesson of Malachor. The Shadow war is returning again. And our journey shall be a long one. Too long has the Lord of Hunger retained himmself in the Unknown Regions. Too long has he remained unchallanged. He is more of a hole in the force then flesh. He will return and attempt to destroy all life in the galaxy."

This Story as I said, is personal and will not affect the RP very much unless I start bringing the characters out which most people would dislike. So yah, there you go. Hints that once again Kreia the master manipulator and the true Darth Traya will probably die at the end or that I will stay forever in the Unknown Regions. Also you may have noticed that later in the future that I will create the KOTOR 2 story.

I am no longer Chancellor of the New Republic, I have transferred it via message to Mace. Now I drift alone in the unknown regions once again. The defeat of the Gray Jedi weighs heavily on everyone. This has drawn tensions even closer towards war. Blood was washed upon the planet of Malachor V. I will not return for quite some time. Though as I said, I will update you on my journeys. This will be seen as a long and lengthy report through out time. I fear the Sith and Mandalorians will destroy peace and wipe out everything in their path untill they themselves are at eachothers throats. May the Force be with the Jedi, Galactic Alliance, and New Republic during these extreme times.

"The path to the Darkside is an empty road from which few ever return. The rest never reach their destination."-Joleebindo54

The Storyline of Joleebindo and his fleet, will now be written as a complete and perhaps personal storyline. If others want to join, it then leave a post or PM me. People in the RP will be mentioned some times, mainly by discussion between the main characters. As I said, others may join in if they wish.

The story line, will act more like a KOTOR game, where you can only take 2 campainions out of the ship at the most, or go at it alone. The story will have two very different endings one light, the other dark. It depends, on what sort of choices me and my campanions make during the quest. It is unknown which ending will be considered "Cannon".

Main characters So Far:

Joleebindo is the Commander, skilled in the arts of lightsaber combat, and rarely ever seen in combat. He is considered wise, but many believe him to be foolish much of the time for mainly following Kreia's teachings. His skills are to be pushed beyond the limit on this long and dangerous quest, to destroy a power that has been building up for thousands of years. His powers over the force, are unknown. He uses both the light and dark. Though he is considered more Gray, he leans more towards the light. Make him extremely angry however, and you will find your self being force chocked and looking more at a Sith Lord. He is a Jedi Consular.

Feray is the main captain of the fleet and takes commands from the Commander himmself, he's very loyal and trusting. He has been trained to resist some force techniques. He continously trains himmself so that he may be tougher in a fire fight. His power over the force is limited, and mainly due to crisis in the New Republic. Jolee has not had time to finish his training. Perhaps, now on this quest, his training to be a full fledged force user can be finished. He is a Soldier.

Dacren is the Colonel of the elite 505th battalion. He and his men are usually found in the Armory portion of the ship. He is considered a full hardy human, and only obeys Jolee. Confrontations often arise between Captain Feray, and Colonel Dacren espicially when their both on the bridge. The two dislike eachother considerably. He is a Scout.

And finally a damaged droid, which needs some parts. During, this quest Jolee hopes to find those parts and reactivate the droid.

Star Wars

The Grave Threat

The Crew of the Gray Shadow, are in hyperspace, after leaving a terrible battle over Malachor V. Jolee the Commander soon reveals the true reason of the return to the Unknown Regions.

The ship is heading for the Unknown Regions to fight a power that has been on the rise for thousands of years. If it returns out of Unknown Space, it would threaten to break the galaxy apart, and destroy all life.

Now Jolee and his crew must face, the ultimate threat to save the galaxy. Even with the power of the force on their side. It may not be enough...

*Captain Feray meets with Jolee on the bridge. As they continue through hyperspace.*

"Commander, where are we headed to this time? Are we once again heading for the last remnants of the unknown regions? Or do we leave the galaxy?"

"Captain Feray, you know exactly where we are going. We are on a dangerous mission, that we should have done, years ago. We were extremely stupid, to return after the Yuuzhan Vong War. We should have known this from the very beginning. The Sith always betray their allies. Its in their nature. They learned it well."

*A pilot gets up from her chair and heads over to Feray and Jolee*

"Sir the fleet is in hyperspace, but whats our destination?"

"I have plugged in all coordinates for the Unknown Regions, before the Battle of Malachor V, I figured that the Sith Lord Ten would betray us as he has always done. Though, it does not matter where we go, all paths will take us to the same destination."


"We are once again on another long journey. Something is out there, only the known galaxy does not know. Another is returning, from the deep past. A power that has not been seen for thousands of years. The galaxy has again forgotten it. Now we must stop it, from arising again."

*The Pilot returns to her seat at one of the controlls. Captain Feray turns to look out the wide view window into deep space*

"But what is it commander?"

"I do not know, but it feeds on life. I felt the presence before, and it seems the Dark Lord during his journeys eitheir did not catch sight of it or he did not care for it. We must be vigilant, others may have laid traps out here."

"I do not like this Commander, the Prisive was destroyed during the battle, what can the Gray Shadow do, besides destroy a few star destroyers?"

*Jolee walks up, and stands near Feray*

*First, we need to rename the ship, again so we don't attract to much attention. Even the locals out here have heard of us, and that may not be a good thing."

"What will it be called now, commander?"

"It shall be known as the Liberator."

"A fine name Commander."

"So when that droid be finished, so he can be taken off my bridge?"

"In due time Feray, we still need to find the parts, but the droid has been cleaned up."

"Well the sooner, the better Commander, it will be one less thing off my bridge, once we find the parts."

To Be Continued..... Tommorow :D

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