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My Youtube channel has over 380 subscribers to it. I don't really give a shit.

At least I didn't until very recently. The thing is, a lot of those subs are from way back. When I was younger I used to do these "Xbox Live Prank" videos where I harasses Xbox players with soundboards. They were fun at the time, but in retrospect pretty immature, so I kind of just ignored the videos for a good three years and never uploaded anything else.

Nowadays I've been trying to figure out a way to consolidate all my creative works (writing, mods, short films, etc) into one entity that promotes regular discussion and feedback, since I have very few people in my life I feel I can share that stuff with. I've taken to starting up a blog titled "The Anarchy Orchestra" in which I post all my short stories, poems, music reviews and discussions, general rants, and Youtube videos with an open forum. So I'm re-purposing my Youtube channel to be an extension of a blog, hopefully giving those 380-something subscribers something to come back to.

That doesn't mean Xbox Live Pranks is going to be replaced with the tampon-free Oprah Winfrey alternative. I'm still going to upload whatever the hell I feel like, and a lot more often now that I have video editing software no longer outdated by 3/4 of a decade. But overall, the channel is going to be something completely different. That also means I'll be putting up more blog posts here in connection with the Anarchy Orchestra blog, which is still under construction.

But hey, why not let my smooth, baritone vocal chords lay it down for you.

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