Just a gamer looking for some games off the more well beaten path. Thomas Was Alone is one of my favourite games of the year which I bought on Desura before it reached the heady heights of Steam, so I figure Desura might be a good place to start exploring. I'm mostly a Web guy, however, I've been toying with the idea of picking up Unity for a while. Maybe some of the games/people on here will finally give me the inspirational kick in the pants to get me going.

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I'm borrowing this from Pabo's Blog, which I recommend by the way.I believe he actually borrowed it from IGN, but the important thing here is that It's fairly close to how I use the rating scale and that's probably important to interpret the reviews I give.

10 - Masterpiece - Life time favourite
9 - Amazing - Extremely enjoyable
8 - Great - Definitely above average, recommended.
7 - Good - I had some fun with this.
6 - Okay - Literally as it sounds, this game was okay, I don't regret playing it.
5 - Mediocre - "Meh", I didn't dislike it but I didn't like it either.
4 - Bad - I didn't have fun with this one, either due to bugs or simply the game itself.
3 - Awful - I actively dislike this.
2 - Painful - Either recklessly stupid or borderline broken, in desperate need of improvement.
1 - Unbearable - Doesn't work properly, should not have been released in this state.
0 - Disaster - Flat out broken, horrible game idea, all around terrible experience.

In my blog I will probably be making use of .5's too, because really all the games I will be reviewing here will be between 7-10 which makes my scale much smaller. This isn't because I'm an "easy reviewer"; I'm quite critical compared to many reviewers on here and have brought down the score on some of my favorite games simply because I'm not prepared to rate anything I like a masterpiece by default. The real reason you won't find any negative reviews here is that I don't feel comfortable dedicating a blog to how much I don't enjoy someones hard work. I try to leave constructive reviews on those games (on the games profile, not on my blog) to inform potential players, and maybe give the developer some help to improve their work, but to write an indirectly related blog about an experience I didn't enjoy doesn't seem to benefit anyone. It would mean I'm spending time on games I don't enjoy, I'm being unnecessarily mean about someones hard work (even if what I'm saying is true) and it wont be useful to anyone who happens across the blog. I want to tell you about games you might want to play and can enjoy, informing you about a random game you shouldn't play seems aimless for everyone.

So that's pretty much where I stand with reviews on my blog. This also means I don't feel obliged to review every single game I play, and will have more time to focus on the ones I feel deserve some extra attention.


Good score description, short and to the point. Indeed I borrowed the score from IGN, and added some notes (which turned out rather bloated compared to yours). I like stricter reviews, not because they bash games (which they shouldn't), but because they make extraordinary games truly stand out.
But I also agree on the respect one should pay the developer. Every single review should respect the hard work put into the game. It may not even be a good game, but just bashing the game and its creator isn't fair.
I for myself might review games that get a score of 5 or 6 as well, but even if a game was worth a 2 (and assuming I somehow continued to play it despite its low quality), what the developer would truly need is constructive criticism. In the end, the reviewer's goal is to improve gaming in general, not to insult anyone who doesn't meet his standards.

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