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Hey guys, I'm thinking of writing a series of books, named 'Operation shadow Fire'. I had a really weird idea that popped into my head about 'Operation Shadow Fire'

Abit About the series

The series is based in 2018 up until 2030 about a war that ends up as World War 3.
So basically what has happened is Russia has reformed the Soviet Union and has invaded Iran, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. Australian and American forces sping into action and try to push the Soviet Union out of these countries, they fail and then try to use the UK as a staging point for Naval fleets and forces to meet up and Invade Russia. oon the UN declare the war 'World War 3'. COuntries are then forced to pick a side or try and stay neutral.

Timeline And Books

Story Timeline/ Ideas (For numerous books if this gets published and/or made)
Book 1 2018- Russia tries to reform the soviet union
Book 1 2019- War starts- Russia launches an attack on the US via Missiles
Book 2 2020- Australia intervenes and moves to help the US
Book 2 2021- Russia and soviet Union push for Afghanistan Iran, Kuwait and Iraq leading to the title ‘War in the arid country'
Book 3 2022- Australia and American naval fleets move to UK to meet UK Naval fleets and try to end the war, leading to a near devastating defeat for the forces, then ultimately leading to Soviet Union invading the united kingdom
Book 3 2023- Australian and US forces regroup and prepare to push the Soviet Union out of the United Kingdom.
Book 4 2024- Australian and US forces invade United Kingdom, pushing the Soviet Union of out the UK
Book 5 2025- UN declares the war World War 3 leading to the countries of the world either picking a side or remaining neutral, some are forced to join the Soviet Union.
Book 5 2026- Japanese forces move to Hawaii to join US and Australian forces.
Book 6 2027- Australian Destroyer HMAS Jarcoonda and American Aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt destroyed by Russian fleet of 2 destroyers and 3 Aircraft Carriers
Book 7 2028-Allied Invasion of Russia from Greenway.
Book 8 2029- Russia Surrenders after Moscow captured and Kuwait, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan fall to Allied Countries.
Book 9 2030- UN send 2 tank divisions, 3 infantry divisions, 4 vehicle divisions and 3 Naval fleets to Russia to ensure no military buildup will be issued

Thanks For Reading this CRITISM IS WELCOME Please Comment and tell me what you think fits what.


I don't think it would take 7 years before the UN declares a war "World War 3"

You might also want to add a little more description to Book 6 unless its entirely focused on the Destroyer and Carrier. I would also like to point out that other nations such as France and Germany would also join in the war. They are likely not going to just sit back idly.

Anyway, I think this book series has potential. I've always been interested in these types stories.

And that is all i'm going to say about this right now.

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Jesterzx9 Author

Thanks, I only started planning about ideas 4 hours ago xD still a WIP =)

It took me 30 minutes to make these ideas up, i'll edit it soon.

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Hey how about Russia does not lose and does not start the war?

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