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Hi all. I'm the one behind jemchicomac and Crazy Belts.

Following what we have heard outside there, it is important:

a) building a community some time before finishing a game
b) listen as soon as possible this community feedback and adapt the game to this

We tried as a first option IndieDB and IndieDB. We new from long time these communities but never before as developers. The first impression is that everything works like a charm, and despite the needed moderation, the review times (considering today is Saturday) are really quick.

We have started other options as well, like creating a landing page, that you are able to find here:

jemchicomac homepage

where also we've created a MailChimp-based mailing list. We are also active on twitter and also we are preparing a blog with a feed.

The bottom line of the story is that looks from the very beginning that IndieDB and IndieDB are powerful & easy tools for every indie developer needs creating and managing a community.

Replicating all these tools offered by DesuraNET to wider audiences is costly and you need to think twice expending very much time trying to be heard in the wild if this delays the own game development process.

I will try to keep updating our experience on building a community both inside and outside DesuraNET. I'm pretty sure that my initial gut feeling will be confirmed by the numbers.

Kind Regards!

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jemchicomac is tiny indie game studio based in Madrid, Spain



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