I am in multimedia college. Currently looking to become a Level Designer. Voice Actor might be another idea...

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Long time no blog!

Jelemonde Blog

Ho god this was a long time! A lot of stuff changed recently so i'll start!

I am now at college in a Multimedia program! I'm about to finish my first year and I still have two years in front of me. After this, if the government managed to make a new video game school, i'll go specialize myself in Level design. And THIS is where everything will start.

Wath else? I started using the UDK... I like the Source Engine... but without a coder I can't do not that much... With the UDK, I can prototype a new game pretty fast (I prototyped a 2d platformer in a day and it looks promising).

Montreal is a wonderful place to look for an internship! I am currently looking for one for my summer internship. Unfortunately, Ubisoft doesn't take any... I am looking toward A2M, Gameloft, BugTracker and some multimedia studio in Laval. I hope i'll get something soon (I also have good grades xD).

Thats it for now! Tune in next time! (Always wanted to say that)

Jelemonde's Blog #1

Jelemonde Blog

Hail to everyone who read this! I am Jelemonde.

If you read my profile, you can see I am a Mapper for the Source Engine... I do have some other Map Editor (Like CryEngine 2)... but Im better with Source.

So! What can I say... I just *Finally* received CSS and Gmod as a Steam Gift! It extended my Source Game Collection to... 8 games! Plus few mods (Like Modular Combat! Pretty good Rpg/Fps game BTW).

I like mapping in CSS and Half-life 2. I would like to map for TF2... But the first map I made for it was buggy (You wasn't able to take the Intel cause it was just not working).

See you later for more info!


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