Jordon McClain is the Founder and CEO of a small indie game company called Steel Cyclone Studios. While working full-time to support himself, Jordon is a self-taught Game Artist, Designer and Developer in his spare time. Jordon is creating several video games built upon his in-house engine known as the Cyclone Game Engine. The Cyclone Game Engine is a 2D/ 3D game engine built upon MonoGame and the XNA Framework to help make it easier and save time creating games. The game engine is not perfect by any means. The game engine is still in its infancy stages of development which is why its not available yet to the community. The Cyclone Game Engine is primarily built to serve the needs of Steel Cyclone Studios' game projects. Once it is further developed, Jordon plans on releasing it. Jordon's ultimate aim is to make it into the video game industry and join the greats of game designers. In the meantime, Jordon is trying to hone his skills and learn as much as possible.

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Welcome back!

Sorry it took a while to post this next video. This video is a better edited version of my previous progress video 2 post. The weapons, ground and some of the building models were modeled in both Maya and 3DS Max. Other building models are just temporary and used as placeholders for now. The animations are actually programmed animations such as the shooting and melee. Unfortunately there is no sound in this video but I might add some music. The weapon gunfire sound effects still need some work. The beast model in this video can be found at

Next I will be working on some AI (Artificial Intelligence), collision and the bullet class currently needs some tweaking. I am also tweaking the aim-down-sights and having the camera actually zoom in.

There is still a lot of work to be done and you can help support by watching videos of my progress. It will be a while until my next progress video, but stay tuned. Thanks and wish me luck. :-D

What Still needs work:

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