Jordon McClain is the Founder and CEO of a small indie game company called Steel Cyclone Studios. While working full-time to support himself, Jordon is a self-taught Game Artist, Designer and Developer in his spare time. Jordon is creating several video games built upon his in-house engine known as the Cyclone Game Engine. The Cyclone Game Engine is a 2D/ 3D game engine built upon MonoGame and the XNA Framework to help make it easier and save time creating games. The game engine is not perfect by any means. The game engine is still in its infancy stages of development which is why its not available yet to the community. The Cyclone Game Engine is primarily built to serve the needs of Steel Cyclone Studios' game projects. Once it is further developed, Jordon plans on releasing it. Jordon's ultimate aim is to make it into the video game industry and join the greats of game designers. In the meantime, Jordon is trying to hone his skills and learn as much as possible.

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Hello Everyone... My name is Jordon but many know me as Jdawgg. As my first blog, I thought I'd introduce myself a little bit. I am a student by day and a gamer by night. Haha, that is just a funny line I like to say about myself. I enjoy movies (mostly action and comedy), the beach and playing videogames. If you like video games, then check out my YouTube Channel at to see my work-in progress on my Game Engine I am creating in my spare time. I have a 30 sec video glimpse and a progress video up so far. More videos of my progress are soon to come. I have been working on this project in my spare time for a long time now and because I am teaching myself, it has truly been an amazing experience.

This is the beginning of a journey of courage and inner-strength as I try to break into the game industry. This journey I am embarking on lies a tough road ahead and along the way I will hit many bumps and make mistakes, but I am determined learn and grow from it all and keep on going. I am determined to become a Game Designer. I never thought I would have come as far as I have with this project on my own. I started this project in my parents basement when I was 17. I didn't have very many books and resources at the time, or a lot of support. It has always been my dream to become a Game Designer like many other game enthusiasts and some of you reading this. At the time, there were not a lot of game engines out to download as there are now and I had limited resources.

A lot of time goes into creating something like this and I still go back to the basics. I've realized you can't just rush into working in 3D; it takes time. I am still a beginner even now and there is no end to learning programming. There are so many different ways to code things to perform a certain task. We all have to start somwhere and even now I still go back to the basics becuase 3d is very complicating to work with. My goal is to get as far as I can on the game engine so that someday I can gather a team together create some unique games. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I look forward to posting more behind-the-scenes information about the game eninge.

You can help support the development of my game engine by watching videos of my progress on my YouTube Channel. I hope you dig it and thanks for reading.

Peace :-D
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